Monday, April 28, 2008

A Little Change

As you can see we have had a little change with the blog. This was done so the word meter's would fit in properly, can't have half a meter now can we?

So we now have a full list of everyone who is competeing in the challenge, not just the one's with websites or blogs.

Hope you like it. If you thing something need changing let me know all ideas welcomed.



Sussan Marz said...

Sandie, you're an angel. Maybe I should give you my wings?

Sandie Hudson said...

You have wings? Oh yeah you do too. No that's okay, my angel stage never last's very long. I keep chocking on my halo. Hehehe.

Anonymous said...

Change is as good as a holiday. I need a holiday!
Looking good Sandie.

Rachel.C said...

Hey, I can actually claim to be an Angel!

Angie said...

Oh, too cool, Sandie. I love the wordcount meters. You're a legend!

Are you able to put my surname under my word count meter? (Angie Trianta). That would be great!

Love the blog set up.

Angie :)

Sandie Hudson said...

My dear Angie I can do anything for you. Name now all fixed. I also see you are going to be doing 'Novella In A Month'. It will be great to have someone here to do it with.

Glad you like the revamped site.


Rachael Blair said...

Thanks heaps Sandie! You've done such a splendid job and I love your 'About Us' description!

Suzanne Brandyn said...

Hi Sandie,
Love the site, been meaning to pop over for a while now. :)

So how do the word count metres work ie: How do we get our count in there. lol.. okay so you can tell, I had trouble with last years NaNo metre.


Sandie Hudson said...

I'm thinking we might have two days a week where we sign in and let everyone know how we are going. We can give our word total either for the the week or your total WIP total which ever.

I'll up date the meters the next day so everyone can see the progress.


Amanda Reynolds-Smith said...

Oh love it and love the idea of a word count meter... thanks Sandie for volunteering to take time out of your valuable day(s) in June to update them for each of us!!