Thursday, July 10, 2008

Queen of The Bionic Fingers, Mistress of Editing

We have known her as Rachel Charlton, Rhain Cahill and RC. Now let me introduce you to our Queen of The Bionic Fingers, Mistress of Editing. It seems that no matter what this power house of a writer does she excels beyond the normal limits of we poor mortals.

As you know RC doubled the word count for the June challenge, 100,015 words in just 30 days, over 42,000 of those words in just four days. We had Pin-up girls through out the challenge, I felt it only right that we should acknowledge the fantastic effort put in by the talented Ms Rhain Cahill.

RC was a constant source of entertainment to us all with her quirky one liners, of course some of these one liners were aimed at her partners in crime and co-members of 'The Topless Table Dancing Tarts', Diane Curran and myself, but we love her. There is one thing about our RC and that is life is never dull when she is around.

Ladies, please select your glass.

Let us raise our glasses to this years Queen of the challenge, Rhain Cahill.
Of course now our lovely Ms Cahill has to try to keep that title, we have the
National Novel Writing Month, coming up in November, who is going to be the
person to topple our raining Queen?
The challenge is there now ladies, get ready November will be here sooner than you thing.


Anonymous said...

You are truly insane woman!!!
By the way, that pic was taken in the Raffles Long Bar in Singapore, the perfect place to play queen. gotta love those Singapore Slings.
I'm not sure I can do November. I've got three kids and a sister all having birthdays that month. We'll see, I'm sure I'll be handing over the crown though. sigh

Anonymous said...

I just realised I forgot to ask, who owns the dancing butts? I know none of them are mine. LOL

Sussan Marz said...

Raising my glass to you Queen RC. Cheers!

Eleni Konstantine said...

RC - a toast to you Challenge Queen. Well done. You're definitely an inspiration.
E :)