Tuesday, August 26, 2008

2008 RWA Conference Spellbound on Southbank


I have just returned from the 2008 Romance Writers of Australia Conference in Melbourne and had an absolute blast.

One of the things that made the conference so special for me (aside from my bat wings) was being able to meet in person the fellow writers who had taken on the 50ks challenge in June. It was so good to be able to put faces to names, to have shared the challenge together and to find out where we were all going next in our writing. I was proud to be wearing my 50ks badge and I hope that everyone (and more) return to the challenge next year. (Don't forget Nanowrimo is only 2 months away).


Lisa and Michelle

Of course it was sad not to meet Rhian, Sandie, and Nat but I did drop into the Clayton's Conference a couple of times over the weekend and caught up with the mischief that was happening there. Who needs a real conference to have a ball, hey gals?

And I'm looking forward to catching up with Elaine's Mechanics of Sex Writing Workshop when I have some time to spare.

Nicki & Shona


So fellow 50ks, I hope you all had a fantastic conference. I know I've come away with my head buzzing with information and also know that many of us came away with requests for partials or fulls. Please leave a comment and tell us about your conference experience.


Anonymous said...

I hate yas all!!!!!
Damn, look how much fun you're all having.
*grumble* *groan* *bitch* *whinge*
Great pix Diane!

Eleni Konstantine said...

LOL RC! Yes doesn't everyone look like they are having a great time. But you know - we had a good time too during the Clayton's RC. So all's good.
E :)

Sandie Hudson said...

Great pix Diane. Glad you and the girls had a great time. I'm looking forward to next year in Brissy. Love the bat wings by the way, you look very vampish. I'll let work out in what contaxt I mean that.


Just Nicki said...

It was a blast and really great to meet you Diane.

We loved Wicked! What a romance story it was.

Not sure if I'll make Brisbane next year, will have to check the finances out! Plus I've decided I really don't enjoy flying :)

Nicki (the one in the white dress :D)

Tina C said...


It was so great to meet everyone in Melbourne - such fun! Finding I knew some people already was fantastic - even better!

Thanks again Di for the wonderful badge - I came home and my son thought it was the best one on my lanyard!

Had a few of the pub'ed authors not on ROMAUS go - what the?? to it - thinking I had walked/run 50k's... explained the challenge and then they went - wahoooo what a great idea.

So I think by the next one you run, you will have many more joining in!

Bye 4 now

Sue said...

Great to meet some of you at conference and I wore my badge with pride. Still recovering from the chest infection I got before I went. Need to do lots of work on my submissions so great to see everyone still talking here.