Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wednesday's Wipeout!

Okay, so I'm supposed to be full of wisdom and helpful info for the slide down to the finish line. Ah, yeah, well I'm full of stuff but it's not wisdom. Nope, for those keeping up my back is still out, I'm still popping pills and now I've got the migraine to end all migraines and don't you just love those? So I'm giving you this guy to look at, maybe it's my doped up state but I look in those eyes and just float away.
Keep going on your Nano word count even if you don't think you're gonna make it. I am, at 4am this morning I know I got up and write in my trusty little bedside notebook. Whether it's any good is another thing but then that's okay, I can edit it out later. After I pass the finish line.


Sandie Hudson said...

Oh, yes he does have lovely eyes. Hope your migraine gets better soon. I think you did so well posting with one of those things I normally just end up in bed with the room as dark as possible and full of meds.

Get well soon.


Diane said...

Yes, RC, good on you for posting. now get rid of that migraine.

I'm a sucker for dark smouldering eyes!

Natalie Hatch said...

Girls he's actually saying "Natalie I can make all your intimate fantasies come true. I'll get you a top class agent, a six figure book deal, anything you want, just let me have my way with you." And I'm sitting here going - yeah okay an agent, book deal, but will you take care of the kids and let me get five minutes rest? No, so thanks but no thanks Fabio, I'm too much woman for you baby!!

Eleni Konstantine said...

Stooopid migraines! Hope you feel better soon.

Lovely smoky eyes. Nat, you crack me up.

BTW ladies - I have nominated your blog for the ‘I LOVE your blog award’. Can see details at:

You are all stars.