Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The End is Here

What? It's the last day? No way, I swear I had another week here somewhere... Look it might have slipped down the back of the couch, hold on I'll pull it out in a second.
Ahh, no, it is the last day. I came in here with such massive hopes and dreams, and I accomplished a few of them. Some others will still have to be tackled.
I ended up writing 22,000 words on my current project. I also edited 150 pages of another mss that has been re-requested by an agent (crossing fingers), and I wrote a few blog posts along the way. Life was always getting in the way, but I'm much further along in my current WIP than I thought I would be, so hooray for that!
So my family can relax a little now, mummys not going to get upset if she can't reach her word count.
What about you? Did you accomplish what you thought you would? Are you still plugging away? How are you going to celebrate your achievements?
Me? I'm going on a road trip to see hubbys rellies with the kids. Fun. But I will go shopping in Brisbane which is a joy.
I don't get my full body massage until I finish this WIP.
Congrats to all the girls who participated. It's great to share the writing experience with others who understand the need to shut the door and type away.

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