Saturday, November 21, 2009

Finding my Writing Rhythm

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It's Day 21 (gulp) of Nanowrimo, and I'm only just over 21,000 words (double gulp). This is the 7th year that I have participated in Nanowrimo and each year is a different experience. It seems that I'm still finding my writing rhythm.

Some writers write fast.

Some writers write slow.

Some edit as they go.

Some spit out a dirty draft and edit later.

Some take years to write a whole manuscript.

Some never finish their manuscripts.

Some work on several stories at once.

Some can't even begin without a title.

Some are pantsers.

Some are plotters.

In ten years of serious writing, I think I've fitted in all these categories. There seems to be no true formula for me to finish a manuscript, though Nanowrimo puts a bomb under me and helps me to write fast - even more now with the added desktop software of Write or Die. For a couple of Nano attempts, I started with only the briefest idea of what I wanted to write -- a concept, a feeling I wanted to capture -- and still ended the month reaching my 50k goals.

But last year, I outlined every chapter first before I started Nano. It was my best Nano year ever and I finished the month with over 65,000 words. I finished the first draft in February the following year at 136, 000 words (so it needs a lot of cutting).

This year...I feel like I'm trudging up Mt Sinai.

(And there's no camels around to buy to make the journey much easier)

But I'm going to keep trudging. Because I know the view from the top (the point where you can type THE END) is magnificent.

How are you faring on your Nano journey? Have you found your writing rhythm yet?

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Sandie Hudson said...

I think my rhythm has gone waltzing out the door at the moment. It better find it's way back soon or I'll be it big trouble. LOL.