Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Keep Writing!!

9 days down - and with them the excitement and enthusiasm that carries you over the wave that is the first week of 50k in 30 days. If you are like me, your word count is shaky, your momentum slowing and the pressure is on.

One third of the way there. How do you keep up the effort of producing such high word counts day in and day out? The next 10 days are the hardest - the fun and excitement has dulled, and the thrill of the end too far away to see.

I thought I'd share some tips for staying motivated to write from successful writers (courtesy of the adventurous writer):
  • Get your “bum glue” out. “A couple of years ago I met Bryce Courtney (author of The Power of One) at a writing conference. He said that what I needed as a writer was “bum glue”. Meaning, I need to glue my bum to a chair and write. I remember it every time I set myself down to my blog. Bryce! I am using your bum glue!” – Shirley VanScoyk, writer and blogger
  • Embrace your procrastination. “When I was a freelancer, I used to set aside about 20 minutes for procrastination activities every morning before I started to write. I took care of a lot of administrative and housekeeping tasks that way, while honoring the part of me that took writing so seriously that it was convinced I was the least-qualified person ever to attempt it. Once I paid tribute to the procrastination judge, I was free to sit down and let it flow!” – Claire Bardos, screenplay writer
  • Don’t be a wannabee. “The best writing advice I ever received (and pass on) is: ‘Writers write; wannabees talk about it.’” – Shelley Lieber, author
  • Pull up a couch. “My best advice for writing fiction: act like your character’s therapist. When you put your characters in therapy, you discover their hidden fears and secrets, and all the motivation you need for their behavior.” – Kelly Simmons, novelist and former journalist
  • Set and meet your writing deadlines. “Having a deadline draws you forward, past the demons and doubts and into the land of completion. As Rob Hartzler, a wise artist friend of mine, told me, “It doesn’t exist unless it’s finished.” - Claire Bardos, screenplay writer

I'll finish with my tip - an oldie but a goody "You can't edit a blank page". Forget editing, this is your time to make a dirty draft. Get the words there and you have something you can work with.

Okay, now stop procrastinating, keep your bum in the chair and get writing :o)


L'Aussie said...

So how did I miss this? Wish I'd joined but didn't see it til today. Oh well, good luck scribes!

Anita Joy said...

It's never too late to join in!!