Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Day 1 - First Steps!

Lao Tzu once said "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."

We have 30 Days.
We have massive goals.
We have skill and determination.
(We have the number for the local takeaways. ^_^)

We're ready to go.

Bring on the words!


Colleen said...

Yes, pleeaaase bring on the words :-) Good luck everyone!

frances said...

It's working already!

Really wasn't in the mood but thought I'd better write something because I'd signed up. Got 1,552 words done and more writing time tonight. Thanks all!


Anita Joy said...

Bad start. First day of June and I am hit with a migraine - still lingering today but hoping I can catch up by report-in-Sunday.

Luck everyone!

cassandra gaisford said...

After much procrastination and suffering from Jetlag (having just flown back to NZ from Sicily) I put insomnia to good use and voila - I emerged 8 hand written pages later fully inspired! Now I'll have to count the words - 40 lines at about 6 words each - 1920! Yay. This is huge. Esp as I have been putting off writing this book for years!

Thanks to everyone for sharing their own struggles and determination - you're inspiring!

Sue said...

I commiserate Anita. I collected my exams and by the time I got home my sinus headache was in full swing so - no marking done. I did get up very late in the evening and thought "dammit, I'm going to do something." I managed about 700 words!
Like the new look blog. Good work Julia!
Sue (I think I am the Susan on the list)

Natalie said...

I thought I would have a terrible day as I was stuck at the bank then had to fill in at work for someone who was sick, but still managed 1384, so I was stoked!

zarisson said...

Gnash! way behind on first day - only 71 words! accompanied a school excursion for the entire day, and wrote at a park bench for 5 minutes.

Jenn J McLeod said...

Okay - just to clarify (in case you all think - "she's mad...10,000 words!"

I'm editting and polishing - and in doing so planning to add 20,000 to make my WIP 110,000.

Phew! Shocked myself when I saw that graph LOL

Suzanne Brandyn said...

Managing a little over 2.000 words a day. Phew. :)

Julia B said...

@Jenn - *lol* You're on both sides of the blog though! And I'm pretty sure it's not the size of the word count that matters, it's what you do with it ^_^

Well done everyone for getting started! I had a bit of a bad evening - I kept getting distracted. Tonight I'm going to shut the door, close down Facebook and just go for it.

Cheryl Baker said...

Laptop - check. Chocolate - check. Muse - check. 2k down, 48k to go