Friday, April 11, 2008

Surviving June

On the side panel we now have sites that may help you on your journey towards our write-a-thon in June.

In the Article section, both Ally Blake and Nicola Mash chat about the process they use in writing a novel. Both are well worth visiting.
Annie Doyle has a very interesting blog about building a collage using Powerpoint. Drop by and have a read of her blog. While you're there don't forget to say "Hi". That goes for Ally and Nicola as well.

The generators are fun, and very interesting. All helpful in different ways. Oops hang on got to go and do a word sprint with Diane for 15 minutes.

Okay I'm back Diane did 344 words in fifteen minutes I did 317. See what you're missing. Anyway that's another blog. So where was I? Oh yeah generators.

Glass Giant is great you can design your own book cover complete with novel title and your name. Add a photo you think best depicts our story and presto. Print your novel cover off and stick it to the wall in front of your computer as a reminder of what you are aiming to achieve.

Having trouble coming up with a name or plot? Try some of the others and see if you can find something that will inspire you.

The research links is a must. It's always good to have somewhere you can go and tap into information that will make your life as a writer easier.

Anne Whitfield would have one of the best sites for researching historical romances. Charlotte Dillon and Holly Lisle are must visits for researching.

Hopefully we will have a couple of our more seasoned members blogging about their experience with NaNo. Please keep an eye out for these posts.

Hope you find The 'No Plot? No Problem' Spot of some help with your preparation for '50ks In 30days'.



Anonymous said...

Excellent job on the post and the links Sandie. We love ya for doing all the hard work.

Amanda Reynolds-Smith said...

FANTASTIC post Sandie... I am so excited by the handy hints/sites!! I am so very weary now, and working in the morning, so as much as I am tempted to sit and play, I will save that for when I may concentrate!!!

Countdown is on!!

Sussan Marz said...

Thanks for all your hard work and for putting up all the links!