Thursday, April 10, 2008

What Are You Voting For

As Diane so sweetly pointed out I messed up on one, (well it was really two) of the titles. So here is the complete Title list:

50ks in 30 days
OzNoWriMo - Oz Novel Writing Month
JAMMIN - Joint Author MS Marathon Incentive Network
Romance Under Pressure
WFAP - Write Fast and Passionately
JUICY - JUne Is Creatively Yielding
JUICE - JUne Is Creatively Excessive

Okay you have the list. Cast your vote, make it count. Remember Rach is on a deadline.

1 comment:

Amanda Reynolds-Smith said...

I am going with Write Fast and Passionately... I mean, that is exactly what you all plan to do isn't it?!!

So I contemplated joining this for a nanosecond... still contemplating!!! Wondering if it would be the making or the undoing of me!!!

So that is about 1667 words per day... about how many typed pages is that?! How does it work?! How do you show/prove what you have/haven't done?!

As a complete novice... I have no clue on the rules... I am about to scour your websites for that info - could you contact me offline and let me know where/how if that is somewhere easy for you to access!!