Monday, June 2, 2008

Ladies, You Are All Fantastic!!!!

Well ladies we have had a great start to the challenge. Most of you have exceeded your daily goal. The numbers are looking good and the word counts are growing.

Just remember while you’re writing away each day, this month is about getting the story out there. You can always go back and edit next month. You can add more or take parts out later. Don’t stress if you come to a road block in a scene, move on to another scene and go back later. If you write something and you’re not sure it’s working but it in brackets and deal with it later.

Some of you will find that your character have minds of their own and will lead you on a merry chase. Let them you can always change or move things around at the end of the month. It really isn’t much use fighting with them because they are like children who just whinge and moon until they get their own way.

So we are heading into day two, some are just starting for those good luck, let us know how you’re day finishes up. For those writing for their second day, at least there are words on the paper to follow now.

Here’s a quote from F. Scott Fitzgerald:
‘You don’t write because you want to say something; you write because you’ve got something to say.’

Well I write because my characters won’t shut-up until I do write.

Happy writing everyone. May the Word Fairy sit on your shoulder whispering words of encouragement all day. And here’s hope Miss Procrastination stays locked in the cupboard for the month.

Don't forget next word count update is at the weekend, up to 8pm (EST) Sunday. RC will have a post for you to add your word totals in the comment section from Friday. She will also have a post on Wednesday if you want to drop by and have a whinge, brag or just say "hi" so drop by for that one.



Amanda Reynolds-Smith said...

Hi Everyone... well last night I got out 1881 words in thoughts/ideas/plans I guess they were - even included a few paragraphs of potential scenes... but as to structured, starting my "book" I only have 332.... HOWEVER - I figure that those 1881 will come in handy and boost my count down the track, so am trying not to get too down about the "actual" writing... I saw my pillow around 2am and my son woke me at 5am!!!! So I am a little bleary eyed, but it was worth it!!

Well done to everyone who has exceeded their goals and to those who have done SOMETHING, like me, good work!!! Keep it up!!


Felicity said...

Yippee. I am here. Sandie, my word count for day two is 6749.

Rachael Blair said...

Hey I'm probably too late for updating the word counter thingimajigs... but just got home from m-i-l and downloaded my Alphie work to the puter!! Stoked... yesterday and today I have a grand total of 4960 so far!

Hope everyone else is steaming along...

Suzanne Brandyn said...

Hi Sandie,
My total is 2.700 yesterday and 2.500 today...
Sandie I have a question :)
How is everyone counting their words... becuase page count is different to computer count. Page count can also differ with how many lines, and what font. Courier New is more and Times Roman is less.
I think I am not counting like everyone else. I have 27 lines and doing page count. Although I thought it was 25, so I have more words. I make sense. lol


Amanda Reynolds-Smith said...

Good questions Suz (BTW - I have just written 1021 words!!!)... more tonight... I have been measuring mine by word count (highlight page and use word count in word application) - is that right??!!

Also - I have a question for all of you seasoned writers and nanowrimo participants... when I am writing, much of what I am writing isn't terribly artistic, it is almost like I am telling a story line by line as an account and sometimes in fairly simplistic terms... is that okay?? Is that what editing is for?? I am worried that I am suppossed to be making it more a work of art now than it is... OR as I have read, is it ruly just to get the bare bones onto the page and go back and add the muscle, blood and flesh etc??!!

Someone enlighten me on this process as I have just gone and re-read it (oh - that is a no no too isn't it!!!??) and am a little horrified!!!


Diane said...

bare bones is fine, amanda, just get that story out of your head and onto the paper. Plenty of time to make it a work of art later.

Sandie Hudson said...

Hi All,

I've updated your word meter Rach, It's nice to have some numbers on there to start off.

Suz it's up to you as to how you want to count your words. I'm using word doc like Amanda, I have a writing programme but that always givesme about 200 words more than word. So I'm going with the lesser value. At the end of the day it's what ever works best for you.

Amanda like Diane said get the words down and out there then work on the show/telling thing when you edit.

Felicity great going on the word count.


Suzanne Brandyn said...

Thank you.
It looks like the majority is using computer count, so I will go with that.
Thanks, and all the best,

Suz :)

Just Nicki said...

I'm going to use computer count because I still can't work out page count.

Anyway had a fabulous day today, the words just flowed. It's probably the first time in a couple of years I have actually written this much and boy did it feel good.

I got down 5,485 words which means my total is now 10,043 words. I'm stoked as I said I haven't written this much in years. I'm so glad I signed up for this.

let's hope I haven't worn the muse out :0

Sandie Hudson said...

Nicki that is fantastic. WOOHOO. I've updated your word meter becase that deserves to be shown off to the world.


Angie said...

Hey guys,

You're all doing fantastic! Well done.

I seem to have been stuck on the starting blocks. Anyone able to kick my butt so I can get 'unstuck'? LOL.

Anonymous said...

1421 total as at 7.41pm WST
Apart from being the first thing I've ever written, my typing is so poor that if I dont correct as I go I'll end up with several thousand unintelligible words. Go the racers! I'm happy poking along thrilled to have something readable coming out of my computer.
good luck all

Sandie Hudson said...

Neely that is wonderful going for someone who hasn't written before. You'll find your typing will get better as you go along.


Kathleen Curtis said...

Wow! Look at you all go! After a very slow start I did 1610 words for Monday. I had to retype some of them because my cat had a great time chasing my fingers across the keyboard ... he's a naughty boy!

If it's easier, I might declare my word count every Sunday. I don't mind doing it every day, if that's what you want.

Good luck everyone.


Alison said...

Word count for day two is 2325, thanks.
Well done everyone. This is truly inspiring stuff.

Rachael Blair said...

Nicki - that's a fantastic word count. Think if you keep up this pace you'll have finished your draft by next week!

Amanda - sounds like you're doing perfectly. Just keep writing. Editing and rewriting are what make mss sparkle. And please, there are NO No-Nos!! If I learnt one thing on the Romance Roadshow last weekend it's that you can break every rule as long as there's a purpose and you do it well!

Sandie Hudson said...

Kathleen, posting your total Sunday is great. I've been updating a few that didn't post their totals Maonday but I think now we will leave it until Sunday to do all the updating.

Ladies please remember that we need your TOTAL for the CHALLENGE not just the daily or weekly total, it's just too hard for Diane, RC or myself to keep running totals of everyones work.

Great going everyone.

Gail Symmonds said...

Hi everyone

Great going with the word counts. I'm having trouble reading loop messages, so can someone tell me if we give our total word count at the end of the week or every day??



Anonymous said...

Hey Gail,
Here on the blog once a week. Friday one of us will put the post up and then you'll have until sunday evening to leave your total in the comments and we'll update the word meters late sunday night ready for the new week. Some are doing daily updates on the loop but the actually meters will only be updated once a week.

Sandie Hudson said...

Hi Gail
You undate your word count at the end of the week on the blog here. RC is going to post a blog on Friday and you can at your word count any time over the weekend up to 8pm (EST) Sunday.