Friday, June 6, 2008

Weekly check-in!

Apologise for being late, but I've done my back again and I'm now grounded, as in flat on my back in bed with the laptop. Not the best of ways to be productive but you take what you can get.
So my week has had ups and downs. I finished my first lot of re-write/edits as requested by the publisher. She got back to me on and ask I continue to weave the dropped out back-story into the first three chapters. She's loving the story but it needs just a little more tweekin' to fit in her line. I haven't got much of a word count because of all the re-write/edit activity and the stupid back medication, but I'm quite happy with my effort this week anyway.
How'd you all do this week? I know from watching the loop that there's a lot of you who've been very busy, some of you not so busy and others who've hit a road block. Fighting my own road blocks at the moment I can honestly say I know how you feel. The frustration just keeps piling up and then you seem to get stuck more, and well, unless there's some hunky policemen guarding that road block I'm over it. I will say this though, you're not alone.
Leave a comment with your word count total for the challenge and don't forget to put your name there to.
I'm looking forward to updating all the meters on Sunday night.


Anonymous said...

Rhian Cahill - 5,237
Well, not as much as I'd like but I'm writing and that's what counts.

Tannia said...

Tannia Franklin - 5340. I'm ecstatic. I've never written this much in such a short time and I'm developing new ways to fit writing into my life. Lalalalala - happy day...

Felicity said...

Yippee, Word count total is now 17,020. It is amazing how a few romps around the beach will push up your word count.



~ Paula Roe ~ said...

You guys, that's awesome! My total count so far is now 5,500.

Sandie Hudson said...

Sandie Hudson ~ 22,578

All has been going well ATM, this may change now that I have to decide which WIP to work on next. I'm not getting anything today. They all seem to have run off to the woods and god only knows what they are getting up too. So I'm taking a couple of days off, and will get back into it all again on Sunday.

Great going everyone so far. Hope you are all enjoying your writing no matter how much or little.


Elaine said...



Anonymous said...

Okay, I wanna count the 1,850 words I did in reviews! They're creative so they should count. sigh
Off to write some real stuff.

Kerri Williams writer of romance said...

Having a ball. didnt even know i could do it. i guess i do work better under pressure.
every one is doing incredibly well. congrats all!
so far 8773
happy writing

Christina Phillips said...

Christina Phillips - 13,929

I'm finding this challenge is really motivating me. Usually when I hit road blocks I give up and do something else - but this week I've been making myself work through them!

Kiss Carson said...

I've had an interesting week of writing. I'll post my total for the week tomorrow. I'm not doing too badly.
My heroine was just buried alive ... I might leave her there for a while until she learns to behave herself. Someone will come along and save her soon ... I'm sure.


Diane said...

Kathleen, you want your heroine to behave herself?

I don't want mine to start behaving herself, she's having too much fun.

Natalie Hatch said...

Well I've got 24,543 words soo far this week. I had to fix up three chapters of another story to send into the chick lit thriller comp, so I'm pretty darn proud of myself. In between interruptions I have enjoyed writing soo much in such a short time. But I think my house needs attending to today... hubby's been coming home going... did you have a bad day or something? and I go, no it's been great... then get these puzzled looks..
Literary genius at work don't have time to clean? Nah doesn't wash either.

Shona Husk said...

8075 words. Most of them done at night, but the story is taking shape. Half of what I've written is backstory but when dealing with 2000 year old creatures it's good to know a bit about them.

Eleni Konstantine said...

6264 for me. I've had a busy week with helping moving a house and a day long chat session online. Not sure if will get any more done by tomorrow. Great job everyone, you are inspiring :)

The Dribbler said...

5041 for me this week.

Not as much as I would have liked. Procrastination central at the start of the week, followed by a couple of days of reasonable output, then a major distraction and nothing.

Next week should be better....I hope.

Cathryn H

Claire said...

I wrote 13431 words this week. I haven't started a new novel, I'm concentrating on finishing my existing manuscript and can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. Hoping to finish it by the end of next week.


Alison said...

Total so far for me is 12399.

Rachael Blair said...

Damn... I just posted a long message and the stupid Internet decided it was a good time to disconnect - we're on broadband and it NEVER disconnects.

Anyway think I said something along the lines of well done everyone... the word counts are outstanding. I've managed to write everyday this week except one, so am happy with my total.

I know there's problems with this story but I'm hoping cos I know what's wrong, I'll be able to fix it and make the mss sparkle in the rewrites.

Thanks RC for updating the word counts this week and I hope your back has stopped giving you so much grief.

My count: 15185


Cris said...

I've done 8539 and I'm happy with that considering it's been a pretty hellish week for me. The plot's moving along nicely and the scenes are working well. And it's so liberating to just write the story and not agonise over each and every word.

Cris Hickey.

Kiss Carson said...

Kathleen Curtis total for the week is 14182.

Diane, it's not that I don't want her to have fun but she's in a predicament and it's taking me a while to figure out how to get her out! I might have to delete and start the chapter again.

I hope everyone is doing well.


Sandie Hudson said...

Had to come back and update again. I've had a productive evening so my total for the week now is 25,350.


Diane said...

Woohoo, Sandie - knew you'd get there last night.

My total for the week is now 20,494.

Gotta love getting over those round figures.

(Now I better do a backup)


Angie said...

Angie Trianta - My total for the week is 4,072. Not as much as I would have liked.

Well done everyone for your amazing word counts.

Kathleen - no deleting! That is the magic rule of 50ks in 30 days, and you MUST NOT break it. Every single word goes to your word count. If you must rewrite the chapter, leave the old one there and just write the new one. You can fix it up after 30th June.

Yes, I know. I sound like the 50ks/30 days Police. So be it. LOL. I'll start handing out bad behaviour notices soon. :)

Natalie Hatch said...

Angie, we know you've got the fluffy handcuffs somewhere around your house!

Suzanne Brandyn said...

Hi Everyone,
My total is 14,396. lol. I've been out all day and have not written a word, but hopefully will catch up next week. Having a long weekend in this month is not something I counted on. But I am pleased with my word count even though I wasn't at it every day.
Until next week, and I must say I am very impressed with the determination of the participants of this challenge.
All the best,
Suz :)

Anonymous said...

Better then nothing!!

Anonymous said...

Total for me is 8399.
I swear this challenge must be a jinx... all the disasters people are having... my husband just got a job offer (sort of out of the blue) for 600 km away. Stops the creative process when you go into panic mode (I hate moving!).
Well done to the really high word count girls.

Cath Evans

Amanda Reynolds-Smith said...

Hi All - Amanda Reynolds-Smith checking in... well, after a shocker of a week and then a migraine y'day to top it off... I am at the grand total today of 6,112 - I must say I am pretty excited to have go that out so far... and looking forward to roaring ahead next week - thank to my online rah rah people - esp. you Suz!! RC - hope you're on the mend soon! Amanda

Barb said...

Total word count for week one is standing at 13,500. I’m doing a happy dance.

The week started off well with 1,800 words done the first day. The second day is were I come unstuck, I only managed to 654 words. After that every day was spent trying to play catch up. Both yesterday and today saw me type a staggering 3000+ words. (For me it’s staggering) It’s taken most of the day, cause the words didn’t want to come but I’m done and dusted for the night. Next week, I’m meeting my targets every night so there’s no last minute rush.

I’ve had fun, and I can honesty say that without this challenge I wouldn’t be any were near the number of words that I currently am. Thanks heaps everyone.

Tracy Dean said...

Total 4750

I had the entire day today to myself, and couldn't write a single word. The whole week's been like that, and I'm almost ashamed to be listed here. I've always thought I was a pantser, but find out that after the first chapter, I'm a plotter, and have no idea how to do that! I'm inspired by you all, and will do better this week.

Tracy Blackadder

helen said...

Helen Ellis - my word count is

Michele Cashmore said...

Hi guyz - Well done to everyone! I'm impressed with all the posts and the hard work going into this. I've been pretty slow to start. This week only clocked up another 2,111 words. Total so far 4,118. Nowhere near as much as I need if I'm going to finish this. Hopefully more productive week ahead of me.

Lisa66 said...

Hi everyone,

As of this minute I'm at 9286. I've struggled a bit this week. I've spent a lot of time procrastinating and now, my husband has gone away for the weekend leaving me with 3 kidlets to contend with. I had hoped to be at 12000 by today.

Never mind. It's a new week and hopefully I'll make up some ground.

I'm amazed at some of the word totals here. Some of you are blitzing!!!

Have a great week two everyone.

Lisa Roderick

Freya Croft said...

Hi all,
everyone's doing so well!
My total is only 3,391 due to 3 day migraine that made it impossible to focus. (ick)
I'm hoping to get some more done with the public holiday tomorrow though!

Sue said...

Total for this week for me is 12,034 so that makes overall total of 13,304 words
Hope for more next week
Sue Webb

Sandie Hudson said...

This check in is for Meryl.

Meryl Harris ~ 9,434 words for the week.

nikki said...

Hannah Wride - 13,344 (plus more to come tonight but after the check-in time).

Thanks Rhian!

Rachael Blair said...

If I'm not too late can I change my word count to 16078?!

Not at all happy with the words done over the weekend and think I'm getting more and more off track... but don't wanna give up!

Sandie Hudson said...

Rach don't give up. Anything you write may be able to be worked around to fit in somewhere. Anything is better than nothing at all.


Diane said...

Look at all these words piling up! Woohoo. Well done everyone!

Kiss Carson said...

Well, lucky you reminded me about the no deleting rule Angie! There's been no deleting and I'm happily continuing on.

You're all doing great!


Anonymous said...

Hi everyone. Congratulations on the wonderful efforts.

Mine for the week: 8,300


Tina C said...

Hi Guys

Sorry, I just posted on the list not on the blog... teach me not to keep up with the emails... so here goes

My total starting yesterday: 6052 words.

I'm a happy bunny today.

Waving to everyone.

Bye 4 now

Sussan Marz said...

Sussan - 7000

PC, apologies for being late posting. I've been away from the computer most of the weekend.

Great effort everyone.

Sussan Marz said...

RC not PC!

Angie said...

Kathleen, great to hear you've not done any deleting! You'll be glad come June 30th at 12am. LOL.

Nat - LOL. No fluffy handcuffs for me! Have got the real deal here at home. Metal handcuffs thanks to security industry hubby.

Well done everyone with your wordcounts big and small(er)! And thanks RC for doing an amazing job updating the word meters.

Have a great week everyone,

(says she who is off work on one week's annual leave! YAY!)

Leigh Robinson said...

Sorry I'm late with my word count but have been away and haven't been able to access the internet. My word count to add is 7,814.

This challenge has been the best thing - I'm loving it.