Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Mid Week Blog; So How ya Going?

Hi All,

Well it’s Wednesday again, hump day, just three more days to the weekend YAY. First off I’d like to congratulate you all on a fantastic effort so far. You are all doing so well, especially the ones that have small children. Each and every one of you should give your selves a pat on the back for a job well done.

So how are things going? Are your characters playing nice? Is the story flowing as well as you had hoped it would? Are you finding new and exciting surprises each time you sit in front of your computer? If you have an answer to any of these questions come and tell us.

I’ve had no real surprises this week. I think my characters are just glad to be out of the holding pattern I’ve had them in for the last few months. I’ve learnt a few things about a couple of the secondary characters that are going to have their own stories which was interesting. The things you learn when you least expect it. Oh and I also found out that my heroines dead husband married her because he didn’t want her having what he couldn’t the hero. What a snot nose. So glad I got to kill him off. Anyway my aim this week is to finish this WIP, which will than give me three finished manuscripts ready for editing in July. With just another nine WIP to work on.
Now at the weekend I did a little blog hopping at the weekend and when I came to one of the blogs I was so impressed with just how much she had achieved during the week I told her she should be our pin-up girl for the week. So each Wednesday I’m going to announce who I think my pin-up girl is for putting in such a great effort during the challenge. So my first PIN-UP GIRL is… drum roll please… da-ta-ta-da NATALIE HUTCH. Natalie has worked so hard this week, (well everyone has worked hard) but Nat has twins, a three year old (by the sounds of it going on 33), teenagers (I think that’s right) a hubby not happy because the house was a mess (he did clean up for her so I’ll let the unhappy bit pass), plus she has kept us entertain from time to time with her witty emails and post. So there you have it that is why Nat got my nod this week, so nip over and visit her blog (just click on her name) say hi, and have a read of her first chapter (which I still have to do). But truthfully I think you are all pin-up girls.

Also at the weekend there was some discussion about the rules or the spirit of the challenge. Should we be sticking to the rules of the NaNo or do we do our own thing? This is how I see this challenge, while basically we are working at getting 50ks written in 30 days we have to remember that not everyone works to the mould of NaNo. Some are set in their ways they know what works for them and what doesn’t. If editing and fine turning their work as they go then that’s fine, if they only write 10k or 30k during the month but it is the first time they have ever written 10k or 30k in a month then they have achieved something. To my way of thinking this is about being there to support each other, to give a cheer when needed and a shoulder at other times, to help each of us do the best we can with our time.

The lovely Diane Curran will be updating the word meters this week, so please have your totals in by 8pm on Sunday night or you may miss out on having your word meter updated. Diane has a day job as well as taking the time to update the meters and fit her own writing in. Don’t forget we need your total for the WHOLE CHALLENGE.

Okay I’m off my soapbox now. Enjoy the rest of your week I hope you achieve whatever goal you have set yourself this week and happy writing.



Jane Beckenham said...

Sandie you cracked me up... you said... . So glad I got to kill him off.
Loved this comment... i mean where else in life do we get to do darstedly things to people (men!!) and get away with it.
Then u said...three finished manuscripts ready for editing in July. With just another nine WIP to work on.
Lady... are you nuts! but then i am so glad it isn't just me who has all these ms sitting waiting for attention but NINE!!!! WTG u.

Jane Beckenham

Sandie Hudson said...

It's great isn't it Jane, being able to bump someone off if you don't like them. Maybe I should think about writing crime novels, then if someone gets up my nose I could make them a character in one of my books and do them in. Hehehe.

Oh Lord, I'm becoming one very sick chock.


Sandie Hudson said...

Okay, that was suppose to be chook not chock, but who really knows what is going on in this head of mine.


Sussan Marz said...

Sandie, 'hump day' - was that a Freudian slip, lol? OK I'll pick up my mind out of the gutter.

Congratulations Natalie on being chosen as pin-up girl of the week. I don't know how you managed it with twins and toddlers and what not. You must write like a demon. You rock the challenge!

Angie said...

LOL, Sussan. Freudian slip, huh?

Great post, Sandie. I must admit, that's one of the reasons why I love writing romantic suspense. I get to play God and kill people off. Oh, how I love a story where the wicked ex-husband gets killed off! Well done on getting through your WIP's.

Natatie - great effort! You definitely deserve to be chosen as our first 'pin-up girl'.

Eleni Konstantine said...

Congrats Natalie - well deserved. Very inspirational :)

Sandie - my goodness there's alot of characters running around that head of yours isn't there?!! Goodness Blog Queen.

Agree with you about our 50K group - it's about the support in the quest to get as many words as we can in. Keep up the good work everyone! :)

Amanda Reynolds-Smith said...

Great work Nat... thanks for the reminder of what it is all about Sandie - AND - all I want to say is make sure your work is backed up in more than one place... I have had word on my PC corrupt today and I have lost half of my work (over 5 000 words!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

I had been up to 10300 and had done about 45 minutes more from there and now I am back to a measly 4100.I have cried, screamed, gnashed and wailed called my IT friend and offered my soul for a solution - to no avail, it cannot be retrieved!!! Let this be a lesson!!!!


Now back to it....!

I so want to achieve this... now I have to get some motivation back (so wanted to throw in the towel!!!!!) Tantrum does not even come close in describing how I feel/reacted!!!!!!!! SIGH

Hope everyone else is doing fabulously and steaming ahead - whatever that means for them!!!


Rachael Blair said...

OH Amanda - so sorry to hear your loss. I do know the frustration - I had my laptop stolen in 2006 and while I had copies of some stuff, unfortunately not all of it.