Monday, June 9, 2008

Mondays meter maid.

Well, I'm late posting this because I was hoping a few of you that haven't posted your updated word count would this morning. But, I guess life is busy or you're so engrossed in your writing that you've forgotten all about us!
Anyway, check out those meters!!! Don't they look fantastic?? I'm thrilled with mine, if I add up the actually time I spent in front of my computer I did really, really well. Some of you have exploded out of the starting blocks and I'm crossing my fingers that you can keep it up for the rest of the month. For those like me, who've decided slow and steady wins the race I've got a book for you; The Tortoise And The Hare. LOL
Everyone is doing great no matter what your word count. Let's face it, life often gets in the way. And as much as we'd love to say POQ to it all we can't, so we make do, do what we can and hope for the best. Every little bit helps, so even if you're only get 100 words while waiting for the bathroom it's 100 words you didn't have before. And yes, I've been known to get the note book out and scribble madly while waiting in line for the bathroom.
The big news this week that deserves a mention is Christina Phillips selling a short story to The Wild Rose Press. Well done KC!!!!!!
The Wild Rose Press have been picking up a heap of new authors over the last few months and I have to say us Aussie's are a large part of that number. Go Aussie's!!!!!
So, back to writing, or editing, or re-writing. LOL I've lost track of what everyone is doing.
Don't forget the sprints are happening regularly over at the group. They're going on as I type this, which reminds me, I'm supposed to be writing.
Catch you all during the week.


Gail Symmonds said...

Hi Rachel

Been away for the long weekend, perhaps that's why some of us are a bit slow getting in with our numbers. My total word count so far is 14,072. I'm pretty happy with that. I hope everyone else got some writing done over the long weekend too. Have a great week.


Natalie Hatch said...

Well I'll leave it until the end of the week to post any more numbers, just see how I go. I have put my first chapter up on my blog. Please have a look and leave a comment if you can.

Tina C said...

Hi guys

Just checking in Monday's total: 5471 words.

Keep going everyone.

Bye 4 now

Sandie Hudson said...

Congratulations everyone on a great first week of the challenge. As RC said it doesn't matter how big or small your word count the fact that you have achieved something is great.


Eleni Konstantine said...

Great going everyone!! and agree with RC and Sandie - whatever we get is an achievement. *grin*

Christina Phillips said...

LOL - thanks RC!!!