Saturday, November 15, 2008

Serious case of Nano brain

I'm not referring to the Nano brain created by scientists.

I'm referring to the state of my brain while participating in Nanowrimo.

This week has been particularly laughable. Forgetting lots of stuff, buying the wrong stuff, and becoming extremely sleep-deprived. (Why oh why does my creativity really kick in near midnight?) But I think the highlight of the week was arriving at work to be informed politely by my podpal that my shirt was on inside out. LOL.

Another symptom of Nano brain is wanting to talk about what your characters are up to at any given moment. Now writers understand. Non-writers really do not get that your characters are as real to you as any other human in the room (and sometimes realer). And there's another symptom of Nano brain - making up words. Because at the moment, when you are aiming for 50ks in a month, a near-enough word will hold the place until November passes and you can go back and edit.

So, fellow writers, what symptoms of Nano brain are you displaying?

PS. Today is Day 15 of Nano. We're halfway through the challenge, though you may not be halfway through your wordage. But that's okay. There's still time to catch up. I will be out celebrating tonight with my writers group. We've celebrating our 20th anniversary and the launch of our anthology. Why don't you have a Nano celebration tonight as well?


Monique Wood said...

Huh? What?

Err, sorry. Symptoms of NaNo include losing your mind completely!

Sandie Hudson said...

Oh I get the character thingy ever when it's not NaNo. Does waking up in your grandsons room count as NaNo sleep deprived or NaNo brain? LOL.

Sandie Hudson said...

Yes must have NaNo brain because I can't spell 'even'. LOL

Monique Wood said...


To get me back on track, I've just added the latest Hugh on the beach pics to my blog.

Photos were from this morning. Gosh I love the internet!

Should get your brains into gear :-)