Sunday, November 1, 2009

And we're off and writing...

Whether, you're a plotter, or a pantser, or a skirtser (in Nicky's case), it's time to pick up your favourite writing implement and make a start on this year's Nanowrimo.

No more procrastination. The time is now.

A couple of late articles have been added to the online advice for Nanowrimo: The 12 Step Guide for Succeeding at Nanowrimo. And the downloadable Nano for the New and the Insane (put me in the latter category).

I've bought the nifty desktop version of Write or Die and after a couple of test runs last weekend, I'm truly in love. I wrote most of last year's Nanowrimo effort using the online version. In fact most of the 136k was churned out using Write or Die (64k during Nanowrimo itself.)

If you haven't got a title yet, you can try the Random Romance Title Generator.

I'm not fussed. I don't care if I have a title when I start. And as I'm writing number 3 in my Bilby Creek series, I know the town and a lot of the secondary characters well. This year's supporting cast includes:

Chloe, Luke, Kirsty and Dylan will all be back. (If a story is set in Bilby Creek, Kirsty will make sure she's there, so I might as well humour her). And I'm sure Genevieve will also feature (though she doesn't have her own avatar yet).

So I have the characters, the setting, the idea, but I don't yet have a plot. I hope it will evolve in the writing.

Research I did earlier in this year included the following photos:

I'm sure that gives you enough clues of the setting of my story. It will begin with a bunch of committee members dropping dead (no foul play - though that could make it interesting, mostly old age) -- so the committee needs new blood, and my secondary characters step in. And that's all I've got so far. Yes, I'm truly going to pants it this time. It's worked in the past, I hope it works this time.

How about you? Plotting, pantsing or just skirting around the issue?

Go, go everyone. It's November 1st and EVERYTHING is POSSIBLE.


Nicky said...

Yay I'm the first! *sniff* thank you for using skirtsing *brings a tear (of mirth) to the eye*! Love it.

I see a lot of pumpkins in your future with those images. And cake!

Obviously I'm skirtsing. I have my interesting points on a page & no clue what "Chapter 1" shall be (I start with Insert Beginning Here).

I haven't settled on a title - they usually come to me somewhere in the 10-15K mark. Since T'Alinth is my mermaid.....bad wordplay...I've named it T'Alinth's Tail (or Tails of T'Alinth).

I'm hoping I have fewer longhand required days than keyboard days - or there are going to be some long nights typing in!

Keziah Hill said...

Not prepared but going in boots and all. I know tomorrow I won't be able to do any writing so I'll have to make up with other days.

Sue BT said...

Not prepared as much as I'd like. I do know the setting, and three or four characters, but how the magic works... just have to see how that plays out on the page.

Good luck everyone.

Sandie Hudson said...

Okay, I have just realizes I need to know how to make a murder look like an accident. Only because I had thought it would be an obvious murder. But no the old folk are just like my other characters and gone off on their own little plan. So I have a dead woman and it is set so the police will think she fell and broke her neck. Why couldn't it be a simple knife in the heart sort of thing.

Ruddy characters.

Anita Joy said...

Finally am off and, well not running, maybe shuffling along. But at least I've started.

I'm editing, but am finding I am doing more rewriting than anything else.

~ Paula Roe ~ said...

Hi Diane! Can you throw me a life saver so I can get on this 50K ship before you sail away? I have to write a book in this new school term and need a kick start!