Monday, November 2, 2009

Nano Envy

Yes, it's true, I'm suffering from NaNo envy!

It's only the first week, and I look at the word counts being tossed around and gasp at some of the numbers. And I'm not even writing new words for this month. I'm editing, but that is really a rather loose term for 'rewriting' my ms.

How do you find the time to get these words out? Have you bolted the door on your internal editor and chained your muse to the desk? And if you can do it for this month, why not all the time?

In between sprints have a think about what you've changed in your life to get through this month. Maybe the pressure of Nano has kicked your procrastination devil right out the window. Are others in the house shouldering some of the load? Wouldn't it be lovely if some of these changes were permanent!

This early on in Nano I thought it might be nice if we all shared some tips on how we're finding the time to write, or what tricks we're using to get the words to flow.

Here are some of mine:
- cook a giant pot of bolognese (or similar), and freeze meal size portions
- set the alarm for 30mins earlier in the morning
- have some nice rewards for yourself on standby
- join in some sprints
- close your eyes while you write - seriously! (I actually do this all the time now as it means I can't edit while I write, and it actually makes me more focussed).

So, what do you do?


Sandie Hudson said...

Great post Anita, my secret this year is:
I don't have young children (okay that's all the time. The fact that the internet connection on my laptop is having a major male moment, means I'm not checking emails, twitter or chat rooms every five to ten minutes. I check emails when I get up, have my coffee and then go into my office and write for as long as I need. Nope, no sprinting just writing. Then I'll come into Jim's office and up date twitter, check emails, have a coffee, stretch, go for a walk, then back to writing.

It helps that the words are flowing and the fact I'm writing something completely different is making it fun and new. Of course I'm not getting any editing done which i was hoping to do each day once I reached my word count, instead I'm spending that time with Jim. At least we are both happy.

Editing re-writing, it doesn't matter Anita, at least you are working on your MS. You can only spend the time you have, with young children around they have to be your number 1 priority.



Eleni Konstantine said...

Great post. Well I can't give any pointers really as I haven't started NaNo yet. Sooooon...

In June, I found the sprints were a great boost. I also don't have any kids so I don't have to balance my life around that.

Good luck everyone!

And remember one word is better than none!

Anita Joy said...

Yes, locking the kids up for a month would make it easier, but there are laws about that *grin*.

Sandie, excellent point about the internet. It's a wonderful procrsatination tool... see, look at me now. Okay, busted, better get back to it.....

jenn j mcleod said...

You will need a paper bag handy for my response. IT will make you vomit for sure. Yes, I have one of tyjose partners who says, "YOu need to spend the afternoon getting some words dowm.' Then I am presented with lunch, coffee, happy hour and finally dinner. (However the pressure is on for a book signing one day soon in Positano!!!!!!)