Monday, June 30, 2008

The finish line!!!!

Well here we are at the finish line.
There are bodies, broken fingers, puddles of sweat and lost files littering the track behind us, but that's where it is, behind us. We made it! Some of us are in better shape than others, but we're all here at the finish line looking rather dazed and pleased with ourselves. And we should be pleased with our efforts, whether they were little or a lot, we still made the effort and that's what counts.
Speaking of counts, it's time to anti-up the full figures. I'll be up-dating the word meters until late Thursday night so leave your final total in the comments and come back on Friday for the graduation ceremony. Bring you champers and wear your best writerly outfits.
Okay, now to the serious side of things, if you could all just pick up a specimen jar on your way past the front table, the toilets are out the back. Once all the drugs test come back clean the results will be official.
Great month ladies, but don't think it's over, no...... We'll be here, editing, writing, blogging, dancing on the tables topless.... oh, no dancing on the tables topless?! Too cold you say. Okay, well I guess it's not wise then.
Catch you all at the ceremony on Friday. I promise to wear a top.


rhiancahill said...

Rhian Cahill - 100,015
Someone pick me up off the floor, I've got to get dressed for the graduation ceremony!

Lisa66 said...

Lisa Roderick - 34,409

Not 50k but more than my personal June goal of 30k.

I'll finish the book in the next two weeks, well ahead of my August deadline.

Congrats to everyone who participated, especially those of you who cracked the 50k, well done!!!

Michele Cashmore said...

Hi guyz. All I managed this week was 4,600 words bringing my total to 25,488 words. I didn't make the 50K but I cheer everyone else on who did. Very impressive work by everyone :)

Happy writing/editing.

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone. I don't know if I can legally log this final total, since it's now past midnight, but here goes:


Congratulations again to all. Happy writing.

Ligia Pelosi

Tracy Dean said...

15,427. Next year I"ll make it, for sure. I'll plan all family emergencies for July!

Good job to everyone, I'm inspired by what was accomplished.

Tracy Blackadder

Leigh Robinson said...

Think I left my total in the wrong post. My total: 50, 298 words.

Sandie Hudson said...

Sandie Hudson: Total ~ 75,080

WOW these totals are looking fantastic. It's great to see everyone has gone away from the challenge with an insight into their writing and the knowledge that they can write so much in a short period of time. Well done everyone.


Just Nicki said...

Okay didn't managed to get anymore done over the weekend - well I managed another 10 words. Got a new computer so I wanted to play :-)

So my total is 50,560.


Gail Symmonds said...

Final total for me 50,058.

Well done everyone. What a month. Can't wait to see the meters when their all updated and the overall wordcount. Together we must have all written over 30 books!! Wow!!

Gail :)

Sue said...

Total- 54,398

Congratulations to everyone on their hard work.
Looking forward to this month's finsihing off and editing.
Sue Webb

Rachael Blair said...

Hey gals

Well done to EVERYONE! And it's great to see lots of personal goals achieved.

Me - 25615 words of two different novels. Not sure which one I'm focusing on really at the moment. I've also added words to the mss I'm editing but I'm not including them - too hard!!

Claps all round!

Kiss Carson said...

Kathleen Curtis total 44913 words.

Wow! What a month! If anything could go wrong, it did! Dying computers, pressing edits, illness and writer's block! Aaargh! Still, I'm happy with my total. I didn't make 50000 but I can always try again next year.

Well done everyone and I hope I can still post my total even though it's tuesday.


Neely said...

My post of last night has disappeared.Strange because I checked before I signed out. So to repeat, congratulations to all those who broke the 50k barrier, or met their goal. I just wanted to see if I could write fiction. And I can. 30672, counting the plot outlines and character sketches. I'm stoked. Thanks for the challenge.
Neely Lyon

Cris said...

Cris Hickey - 50,355.

I posted this last night under Monday Meter Maid - wrong spot, sorry.

Natalie Hatch said...

Total: 61,200
Had a tanty when I lost 2,000 words due to silliness, but back onto it again. Anyway that's my overall tally.
Congrats to all who took part.

Christina Phillips said...

Congratulations to everyone who took part! My final total as at 10pm last night was 43,397. Not quite the 50k I'd been aiming for but I'm still happy with that result as this challenge really kick started me back into writing more regularly.

Amanda Reynolds-Smith said...

So my grand total was only 25 160 - but that is more than I have ever done!!

Well done to everyone... I look forward to continuing the chat with those of you continuing on through July!


Elaine said...

I made it to 43 594

So close...

Hannah Wride said...

Wait... weren't we promised full-body massages and semi-clad Adonises with sports drinks at the end of this marathon?

No? Oh well I'll just have to be happy with my 50,128.

To everyone who took part - regardless of your final totals - well done. Word count is not the only achievement to come from 50/30. Now put those MS away for ten days and go reintroduce yourselves to your families...

helen said...

My total is 56345

I'm so chuffed

Anonymous said...

Congrats again, everyone...
My total is 50,068.
Thank you to those who're busy behind the scenes updating and blogging...

Alison said...

Alison's total = 50043

Fabulous work everyone. Couldn't have done it without you all.
Thanks heaps.


Tina C said...


Just look at all these achievements! Wow ladies you are MEGASTARS!

Ok - I rolled in at 41 393 words, but when I looked in my diary I found I have only actually written for 10 days this whole month. Thank you to 50/30, I now know that I'm incorrect in thinking I write daily, and I need to reassess my time and correct this bad oversight.

So proud of everyone!

Bye 4 now

Eleni Konstantine said...

Mine was in the other post too - but here goes again -

50,036 words.

Well done everyone! And RC - I see your *thud* and raise you another :)

Diane said...

What a fabulous achievement for everyone! Well done.

Oh whoops, nobody said anything about a drug test! I'm full of caffeine and sugar and whatever the hell they put in hayfever tablets. But at least the hayfever's gone.

So my total for the month was 65,040 without a finish line in sight.

And I went and bought pizza to celebrate.

Freya Croft said...

congrats, one and all!
Everyone gets chocolate, alcohol, cake, OR a no-fat-no-sugar-no-wheat-no-gluten-no-dairy-no-soy-no-nuts-no-red-food-colouring pudding!

my total: 16,152 words

Shelley said...

Can't believe that I got to 33260, have already started to edit and have written a further 446 words tonight, so I am very pleased with myself.

Blown away by the totals some of you guys have been able to achieve.

Come conference time I want to meet all those that took part and give you all a hug.

Felicity said...

Total - 52,430

Did not get alot done after I reached the 50,000 k mark, but am looking forward to a month of editing now.

Shona Husk said...


Sussan Marz said...

Congratulations to all who participated. There are some impressive word counts. I've enjoyed the interaction even though I had to cut down my internet time the last 2 weeks. Thanks, it's help keep me motivated.

Thank you to all the organisers - RC, Sandie, Diane and RACH (apologies if I missed anyone).

Well done everyone :-).

I worked on three (am stilling working on) stories and my final word count for the challenge is 18450.

helen said...

You know - this was my fifth attempt at a 50K in 30 days and it was definitely the best. I've accomplished 50K on four of the five occasions now, and had to give up last November for family reasons, but I have to say this time I really felt that I was accomplishing something. I'm sure it was the company. In November, when one is writing with thousands of others from right around the world, one feels very alone. I know they encourage you to participate in chats and whatever, but I'm not really a 'chatting' person.

However, I've discovered a very interesting fact while writing with you RWA gals, and that is while reading your lovely little email chats, I felt one of you! It's a very nice feeling to belong, especially to something worthwhile.

The best thing I ever did was to join RWA, because everyone is so supportive. I work alone. I'm an 'oldie' and my 'grumpy old man' thinks I'm some sort of ditzy old biddy when I type away all day. I have to hide my sex scenes (such as they are because it takes a bit of remembering :))because he would think I was quite delusionary. Haha

Anyway, I can't afford to come to the conference this year, but I would so love to meet and hug you lovely people. Next year in Brisbane I'll be there - so make sure you all save up and come. I think we should start a 50K club
in the RWA.

One of these years I might pluck up the courage to submit my stuff. As I write women's fiction comedy mainstream romance it's a bit hard to find anyone interested, and anyway I have no idea who to approach. But that's not why I'm writing this - it's just to express my pleasure at participating, reaching that elusive 50, knowing that there were 'friends' out there beavering away through adversity, and that I've put down the beginnings of another story.

My heartfelt thanks to all you lovely ladies who set up this superb blog page (I'm finally coming to terms with all these words like 'blog'), for your encouraging words, and for 'just being there' during June.


Amanda Reynolds-Smith said...

What a lovely message Helen... you keep going and you MUST keep with these wonderful women... inspiring and motivating is the life blood of all of us... I for one could not have managed without them!

Good on you for following your heart's desire....