Friday, July 4, 2008

The results are in!!

For our graduation I thought we ALL deserved a little fanfare. What do you think? Does it feel like a celebration now? It should. You all should be celebrating the great effort you made in June.
WE ROCK!!!!!
Look at those meters! Aren't they great? Between us we've done some serious wordage (yes I'm making up words but hey, I write fiction) and I for one am very impressed with our efforts. Now the real challenge begins. We need to keep writing, I know I've slacked off this week but hell, I'm brain dead.
So how's everyone feeling now June is over. I'm also a little overwhelmed by my own effort and I will admit to being seriously scared by the amount of writing I'm capable of when I push myself. I'm also relieved, and excited and nervous and confused and I can't tell you how many feelings are swirling around in there. After my bailout of Nano last year due to bad health I was determined to finish this challenge, so I guess I'm feeling a little triumphant too.
Today, Friday the 4th of July is for celebrating. Get out your favorite drink and food and toast yourself for a job well done. So charge your glasses because I've got a few people to thank. (you really shouldn't have given me the microphone)

First, to the person (Louise) who mentioned the idea of a challenge in June, we toast you.

Second, to Rachel B for taking her seriously and picking up the bullhorn to spread the news far and wide, we toast you.

Third, to all of those that picked up the baton and ran with it, we toast you.

And finally, to my partners in crime, the lovely Topless Table Dancing Tarts, Sandie and Diane, we toast you.

Congrats to all who came, all who conquered and all who tried. I salute you all.



Tannia said...

Hi all
Been away for a few days and added a further 750 to my count on 30 June.

Yay! to all who hit the 50k. Makes me all the more determined to do it in November. I've learned so much from this challenge and gained so much in getting to know you lovely galz.

So, we're all winners for me - anyone going to conference, we should try and get seated together for the dinner! Then we can REALLY celebrate.

Hugs to Diane, Sandie and RC - you galz rock. And here's to the next one!

Sandie Hudson said...

I see your toast and raise my glass to you Ms RC as one of my parnters of fun and frolicking along with the lovely Ms Diane. I tip my glass to you as the Mistress of Words a Plenty. Hehehe.

I've had a slow couple of days with my writing and editing, but hopw to get back in the seat for a little bit next week in between spending time with my wonderful grandson.


Eleni Konstantine said...

Raising my glass and toasting also - yay us - for every single word.

Thanks to the team for organising - Sandie, RC, Rach!, Dianne, Angie.

E :)