Monday, June 30, 2008

Monday Meter Maid

Okay, I'm here, I'm late I know but it's just one of those things. The cat can't pee! Yep, you read it right, my cat can't pee and I'm beginning to think the whole worlds against me. Every time I go to sit down to get on here or to join in over at the group something goes wrong. Any chance someone has a hideaway I could sneak off to?
So, the 50k. We're down to the last day and I hope we're all still writing, I know I am. I plan to go until midnight tonight to grab every spare minute I can. I had a quick look at the meters and girls I gotta say you all should be proud. What a great effort from everyone this month. Now we all just have to keep the momentum going. I'm sitting on 91,013 words for the challenge and I wanna hit the 100,000. No, I'm going to hit the 100k, if not you might not want to look in my closet, there could be a couple of dead bodies in there and the less you know the better.
So, here's how we're gonna play this. You have until midnight tonight to write, yep, keep those fingers moving. Tomorrow I will post the finish line. Actually, I'll post it late tonight so it'll be there first thing in the morning. This will be your final chance to get your word counts in. On Friday there will be a graduation ceremony on the blog and you'll want to be around for that, I've got a surprise for everyone.
Don't forget, we're still going to hang around here and at the group, some brave souls are planning to spend July editing, some will continue writing and others will be in forced editing. By forced I mean edits from an EDITOR!!!!
We've had such great news this month, as well as all the great effort but it's not quite over, so limber up those fingers and start sprinting down the final stretch.


Amanda Reynolds-Smith said...

Hey RC - you make me laugh!!

I am up to 25 160 so have met my personal challenge for June... looking forward to my completed MS for July!!! So look forward to you all keeping me honest/my momentum up for that!

Can't wait for the graduation ceremony... not sure how we who didn't make the whole trip fit in, however, can't wait just the same!!!


Eleni Konstantine said...

RC - I'm sure you'll make it. After all you did 40K in 2 days. Very very impressive I tell you.

Now I can announce that I reached the 50K goal!! at 50,036. So phew! Life had gotten in the way but with a huge push the last couple of days, I did it! Very pleased with myself, can you tell :)

Gail Symmonds said...

My final total is still 50,058, as posted yesterday. As soon as I passed the finish line I intended to increase it a bit but wilted and haven't written a word since!! lol I bet I'm not the only on who's taking a few days off!!?
Good luck everyone on the home straight.

Gail :)

Leigh Robinson said...

My final score is 50,298 words.

LynnRW said...

All typed out, story no where near finished but hot bath beckons tally 50,022.

Neely said...

Didn't make the 50k but managed 30172, which I'm stoked about, since this was my first effort. I'm kicking myself now for the three false starts and for not saying 'No' more often or more loudly!! I've learned an enormous amount, and enjoyed myself as well.
I haven't been able to post for some reason so haven't been able to
encourage others as much as I'd have liked to, so I'll do it here. Good luck to those still going for the finish line, and congratulations to those who made it.

Cris said...

I made it! Estimated final word count is 50,355. That's almost two 100-page notebooks filled with my scrawl. Just need to type it all up now - could be my challenge for July.

What an amazing thing this challenge was! Congratulations to all involved.


Elaine said...

I got as far as 43 594 tonight, but dinner is ready, and I really need to stop writing now.

Sandie Hudson said...

What a great month you all have had. Way to go ladies, stand up and take a bow because you deserve to.

My final word count 75,080. I'm happy with that but will have to lift my game by November because I'll have to write at least 90k. Not to worry I have afew months to convince myself that I can do it.

Congratulations ladies.