Monday, June 8, 2009


Here we are heading into the second week, so how are things going. There are some impressive numbers coming through if our word meters are anything to go by. If you’re falling behind on the word count don’t despair, we still have three weeks to go and once you get into the swing of things you’ll be surprised how quickly the words add up.

For me the week started great, I was happy with my word count and the number of pages I was editing each day. The end of the week and it all came to a screaming halt. I went to a horse sale on Friday and I think I picked up a chill in my back, as well as pulling something. So I’m off to the chiropractor tomorrow, after all I can’t spend the rest of the month on back. I know a couple of CC’s heroines would think that a great way to spend a month, but we won’t go there. Sitting is my biggest problem, I’m okay if I lie down or stand up and it’s not very good on the back trying to write in either of those positions for too long. So what am I doing? I’m reading, may as well get all of my reading out of the way, that way I’ll have a clear run for the rest of the month.

So my motto this week is: Take the good with the bad and look for a positive in the bad.

Happy writing


Anonymous said...

Maybe you could dictate your story into a voice recorded, then type it up later.

Look after yourself, Sandie, and we'll see you back in fine form for sprinting soon.

Anita Joy said...

Most important thing is you, Sandie. Just let those voices in head have a free reign and when you're finally on your feet, you'll be raring to get the words out ;o)

Eleni Konstantine said...

Do whatever works for you Sandie - number one - protect your health. Sometimes when we push too hard, it comes back to bite us. Hope the chiro gets everything back to normal.

Monique Wood said...

Hope you feel better soon, Sandie.