Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Inspiration, anyone?

I'm always interested in finding out where writers get their inspiration from. I know, I'm a stickybeak, but I find the whole idea of inspiration fascinating. Our brains work in mysterious ways, and I REALLY like to know how other people - particularly writers - tick.

My inspiration comes from TV, reading mags, seeing half nekkid celebs, watching the grass grow... and sometimes characters just pop into my head out of nowhere. That was the case with my current WIP - I have absolutely no idea where the characters came from, and why they came to me (as opposed to another writer who could probably tell their story in a much more exciting way). But I'm very glad they popped in and decided to 'get busy' in my head! It's certainly entertaining stuff which keeps me awake at night! Lol.

So, the question I ask is rather predicable: Where do you get your inspiration from? Is there a particular source that provides a never ending supply of ideas, or do you just dream about plots and characters? Are you a people watcher (not in a creepy way, but for 'research' purposes!) or do you read the newspapers for possible scenarios for your characters? And where in the world did your NaNo plot/characters come from?

Do tell!

And my present to you is a little bit of man candy as inspiration *sigh*. Please bring me back as a towel and/or sunscreen, or better yet, a pair of boardshorts *wink*.

:-) Mon


Anita Joy said...

Sigh, love that shot Mon!

Ummm inspiration. You know, shamed to say it but I can't remember how I got the idea for my current ms *blushing*

But my plot book is full of ideas from newspaper cuttings, to photos, overheard conversations, 'what if' situations... I get them form everywhere.

Nicky said...

Mon, I'm like you. I love hearing about how other artists get their ideas or how they go through the process of creating. Fascinating stuff.

My inspiration. I'm more in the bucket of "It Just Popped In There" (no, not Mr Staypuft). I sit and it spills out. Disturbing really ~ better out than in *lol*.

Having said that I'm a cultural omnivore ~ reading, watching movies/plays/live music/tv, going to all mulls.

I'm also very much a "What If" or "How Come" type thinker; so I guess a number of story ideas germinate there....but not consciously.

Sandie Hudson said...

Oh, I knew there was a reason I liked you so much. You're as big a stickybeak as me. LOL.

I can get an idea from a word or a sentence or by watching someone walking down the street.

I'm a bit like Nicky, I do a lot od 'What If'.


Natalie Hatch said...

Hugh. Hugh. Hugh. Now if this was David Tennant, I'd be drooling.

Monique Wood said...

Hey AJ, don't worry, I'm the same. But I can't remember what I ate yesterday, so that's no surprise!

Nicky, it is interesting to see how others work. I'm sure there's a study somewhere which discusses this in great detail.

Sandie, we stickybeaks find out the good stuff. He he he. I find watching people/situations often triggers something.

Nat, you know I'm predictable! Have to post at least one blog entry with a bit of Hughness.

Eleni Konstantine said...

Interesting Mon. I think I'm a bitsa - I get abit of inspiration from here and abit from there. Photos, movies, a news report, the what if scenarios, music, people.... see bitsa ;)

And how did I know you would have a photo of Hugh as inspiration. Predictable? Yes, but much appreciated ;))