Sunday, June 7, 2009

Fairy godmothers, evil fairies and the perils of the long weekend

At day seven of 50ks in 30 days, I've decided I'm definitely insane.

I'm falling behind with my Margie Lawson class "Writing Body Language", I've got my mind on my contest entry for the Stiletto and a little later my entry for the Qld Manuscript Devt program, part of me is also wanting to jump in and make corrections to Making the Cut so I can send it off to my request via Twitter, and I've got this new story to write. And my favourite teen is wanting to read the new story when it's done.

See I need Felicity, the fairy-dust snorting fairy godmother to wave her wand in my direction, and at least get me to focus on one task at a time.

It's a long weekend, and you think that would help! But at the beginning of a long weekend, three days feels like all the time in the world. It's not. Yes, I wrote yesterday - using the usual sprint method - but my word count for the day was just over 1300. Below average for a 50k challenge, and not good for a day off work. And I still haven't got my Margie homework done. You think my partner being away would help. But it means that I've now got control of the remote. Which means channel surfing on pay TV. So yesterday I also watched Strictly Ballroom and the Judy Garland biopic that Judy Davis won several awards for.

So how to handle the rest of the long weekend? To Do Lists. This blog is the first thing on my To Do List. It'll be good to have at least one thing scratched off. I have writing appointments starting at 4pm this afternoon so sprinting will take place on the new story from then. Which means from now till then I need to do my homework, I need to write another synopsis using this Beth Anderson article as a guide, do all my blogging, and make a mad dash to the supermarket for kitty litter (whoops didn't think about that one on Friday night). Mad dash will be first thing, out of the way!

Though my focus on my new wip has wavered, I'm happy that even on the days that I've felt like total crap, I've still managed to write at least 450 words. My advice is to try to write at least 100 words a day. Don't give in to the evil fairy who tries to convince you that you feel awful and don't have to write, or you have no time, and don't have to write. Write something...even just a little...just so you're moving forward and making progress each day.

So, what's on your To Do list?


Anita Joy said...

Ugh, seriously Di, you don't even want to get me started on my to do list - which if I could include in my word count for June would probably get me over the line!!

Sandie Hudson said...

My to do list is just growing, I'm sure it should be shrinking at this point. Not to worry, tomorrow I'll be back on board and writing up a storm.