Friday, June 5, 2009

Don't Panic

Five days down it's time to stop and take stock of your progress. Are you on track? Ahead of schedule? Or falling so far behind you think you might as well give up now?

Don't Panic! With the long weekend looming there is plenty of time for you to climb over, dig under or just muscle past your writers block and get your hands securely on your muse.

At this point it won't take much to whip your word count along. You can do it!

Join in some sprints. Download the report card from the group site. Take the phone off the hook. Put hubby in front of the footy, or get him to take the kids to the park. Invest in Cadbury's and caffeine.

Make some time for YOU. And before you know it, the words will be flowing.

And because I want to help as much as I can, here's a little more inspiration to get those words coming:


Nicky said...

Oh yeah. The report card. Ooops. Knew there was something I was meant to be procrastinating, oops, I mean doing.....

Anita Joy said...

Lol, it's a great procrastination tool Nicky. There are so many numbers to study.