Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Taking care of yourself during the challenge...

There's something very exciting about setting goals and challenging yourself to achieve something in such a short time. There's also nothing better than having a group of people to take the challenge with - people who understand and sympathise with you, and who motivate you (not Commando style, don't worry!) when it gets difficult.

But one thing we need to do is take the time to look after ourselves during this challenge. We need to be responsible about our health during the challenge because it can be intense sometimes. Working at a frantic pace for regular periods and having the pressure to gets results can be pretty stressful. Just thinking about it makes my heart rate rise!

We need to remember to take breaks regularly if we've been sitting down for long periods, eat right as it can effect how our brain works, and exercise. I know many of us are time poor, so it needn't be going to the gym or bench pressing enough to make Arnie look like a weakling. Rather, taking a walk to clear a foggy brain, or even a session of high-energy vacuuming can get us out of the chair and off the couch (or wherever it is you sit and write).

I know many of you work (I'm a full time mummy), so it's good to have a distraction to get your mind off the writing. I can imagine you're itching to get writing - the characters won't shut up, and need to have their stories told, but make sure you don't push yourself too hard.

During RWA Bootcamp, Dana gave us great tips and stretches to perform after certain time. Maybe set a clock for every 30 minutes where you stop, do some stretching or get up for a cuppa. Whatever you decide to do, take a break to rest your eyes, wrists, sore bottom etc.

Oh, and a while back I found this great article about exercising at your desk, and blogged about it. It may be of some use to you, but if it isn't, the concept it a nice one!

Happy writing, everyone,

:-) Mon


Nicky said...

Timely reminder Mon (says she who last night nearly forgot to eat dinner). I'm not working at present, rather am having a 6 month hiatus (which in reality has only been 3 so far *lol*). I noticed last night the need to remember to get up and stretch the back muscles!

Will use the link as a treat to go inspect ;)

Monique Wood said...

Hey, Nicky,

You don't realise how much damage you do sitting there for long periods. It can really hurt when you get up, can't it?

I've started seeing a chiro in recent weeks and it's been amazing. The improvement in my posture is fantastic, and my headaches and back aches have been reduced.

If you get the chance, go and get cracked and squished by a chiro because it may very well improve your writing! I've found I can also concentrate more (thank heavens).

And don't forget to eat! *whiplash*

:-) Mon

Eleni Konstantine said...

Totally agree Mon. We have to MOVE...otherwise other problems will ensue. So thanks for the reminder - must look after self! :)

Monique Wood said...

Hey Eleni,

You know what it's like to be manipulated by the chiro, eh?! It's the best feeling afterwards. Like you're floating on air.

I notice I slouch more and more as I get tired in front of the computer, so it helps to get some work done on my back & hips. Matter of fact, I'm off to the chiro tonight...

Sandie Hudson said...

Oh, I love my chiro, he is my backs very best friend LOL. Of course Dana's whip lashings during Bootcamp helped to get me into a very good 'Look After Youself' routine. LOL.

Great post Mon.


Monique Wood said...

Oh, yeah, Dana's whip lashing were scary! Lol.

Btw, Sandie, my chiro is a girl. Yours is a bloke? And you LOVE him?! Hmm, hubby might get jealous! He he he he.