Tuesday, June 17, 2008

50ks in 17 days or less

Cyber champagne all around!

Maybe I need to make some alterations to the Winners certificate for the 3 fabulous marathon writers who have already reached the 50,000 word mark.

A gold medal for the fabulous Felicity, endurance writer, who ran through the ribbon at the end of the track on Saturday.

A silver medal for the resourceful Rhian, who made the most of being on a romantic holiday with hubby with no internet access to drink cocktails and write, write, write. Producing 20ks two days running, you have to wonder exactly what was in those cocktails.

A bronze medal for Sprinting Sandie who surpassed 50ks today and will undoubtedly write a lot more words by the end of the month.

Way to go girls - at least we don't need a road map to complete the course - we can just follow your blazing trail.

So I have reposted one version of the winners' certificates and the picture of the badge.

Sending out another plea to place badge orders now so you can show off your participation in 50ks in 30 days at the RWA conference, or wherever else you want to flash your badge. Don't forget you don't have to make it to the 50ks to wear the badge with pride.


Sandie Hudson said...

Ahh Diane you're such a sweetheart.


Anonymous said...

I think one of the cocktails was called 'Tall and Sexy', can't remember the others. LOL
Both days I did the big numbers I wrote for 12 hours. The numbers are big because once I got a roll on they were just flying off my fingers. The other thing is on both days I was working on stories I've been working on for ages and I'd been fermenting them in my head for a few months. Time and opportunity is all it was. There's no way I could do those numbers at home. And I will admit to some sore fingers in the last few days.

Diane said...

I'm sure Sandie's chiropracter would have something to say to you, Rhian.

And fermenation and cocktails go well together. Although I can't write if I've imbibed too much.

LynnRW said...

Well done Felicity, Rhian and Sandie! I'm so inspired by your marathon efforts that I'm going to pull my finger out. Pleeeeze may I have a badge ... hope this is the right spot to ask.

Amanda Reynolds-Smith said...

Me Me - I would love a badge...!!

Well done girls - a fabulous effort!