Monday, June 16, 2008

Monday meter maid.

I'm back! It's Monday and meter maid time!

Have you seen those meters? Are they hot or what? There's even two with 100%!!!! Happy dancing for me and Felicity! (Actually, I think I'll stop that, it's not a pretty sight.)

Guess what I learned while I was away? No, it wasn't that I still love Hubby after 20 years of marriage! It was that I can write. Seriously write! Like over 20,000 words a day! With no distractions I can just pump them words out. Now I know why Elaine likes to disappear for a few days on her own, talk about being productive.

Anyway, none of my stories are finished. LOL But I sure did put a dent in some of them. I didn't however do the re-write. sigh. I'll do that this week. Promise. Well, now I've crossed the finish line I can afford to be a little less wordy.


The stupid computer just ate my post!!!!! Thank God the thing autosaves. Okay, we're cool again now.

So where was I...... right, the re-write. I'm planning to do that today. (and tomorrow if I don't finish) It shouldn't be too hard right? Right?? I understand what the editor is asking but I'm just not 100% I want to do it with this story. I'll do it and see what it looks like then make the decision.

I hope everyone is enjoying the challenge. Judging by the meters I'd say the answer to that is a yes. There are soooo many different amounts over there, some large, some not, but there all there. All those words are on the page and most of us have admitted to writing more in the last two weeks than in the last.... well, for some, quite a while. Keep up the great job and remember, any number of words is a good number.


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