Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Happy Hump Day!! So How Ya Goin'?

Hi Ladies,

Welcome to hump day, yes we are at the middle of the week yet again. Where the hell has the week gone? Okay ladies how are you going this week? We have three who have reached the 50k mark. How fantastic are Felicity and RC? Felicity 590ks in what 14 days? Very impressive Way to go Felicity!! As for RC, 42,000+ words over 2 days, that woman is amazing. More than likely sore but AMAZING!!!

For me I may have reached the 50ks but I still have a long way to go yet. I still have at least one more MS to finish this month, and yes I started another one. I know like I need another WIP.

Okay enough about that, this blog is about you, the ones still pounding the keys board. You wonderful ladies working at your word count everyday. To you ladies take a bow because you are still here. Still striving for that goal you have set yourself. You ladies are showing us some great numbers for first time challengers and I for one think you are just fantastic.

Something else I’d like to add this week, and that what do we count in our word count? For me and only because I had set my goal to finish two to three of my current WIP’s it is about the novel. But if you are working on getting a novel out there and are planning, plotting and doing outlines as well as writing your novel, then count the words you have put into getting your novel out there. By that I mean everything you have written in relation to your novel. I know this is not the way NaNo is run but I think this month is all about getting you writing. Planning and plotting are all of the process for some of you, so add your words. You may be surprised at just how many words you have written this month. Anyway the challenge is ‘50ks In 30 Days’, it doesn’t say it all has to be in the novel. Hehehe.

My next item is to announce this week’s PIN-UP Girls. Now it was hard this week, we had challengers reaching their goals early and I think Felicity and RC are truly amazing. So I’m giving special mention to both Felicity and RC. YAYAYA ladies, take a bow.

But think this week we saw what this challenge is really all about and that is determination so this week my PIN-UP GIRL is Amanda Reynolds-Smith. Amanda didn’t let the fact that she lost most of her word count defeat her. She got back in the seat and kept going and by the end of the week had her word count back up there. Now if you want inspiration that is inspiration. Don’t forget to drop by and say “Hi” to our Amanda. Amanda you should be very proud of yourself, you didn't let a big setback beat you, so for me to you 'AWESOME WORK'

I'm on word count meter updates this weekend, so don't forget to have your totals in by 8pm Sydney time Sunday night. I'll update the meters after I get my final dose of McDreamy & McSteamy for the year. So you will have some leeway. Don't forget we need your toal for the whole challenge.

Enjoy the rest of your week ladies, happy writing and may the word fairy bring you the words you need.



Natalie Hatch said...

I now take off my crown and hand it dutifully to Amanda, ah the glamorous life of a Pin Up Girl, such fun I had during my reign... blah blah blah...
anyway, had another break through, about to kill off the perky blonde bimbo... wooo hooo (not that I have anything against blondes, just this little treasure).
hope everyone is doing well.

Anonymous said...

Well it took a few days but I have brusied knuckles. LOL Yep! Don't ask me write anything without pain killers. Seriously, they're that bad. Think about which part of your finger bends most while you type and you'll know exactly where it hurts. LOL
Now where are those cocktails when I need them?
Amanda you deserve more than Pin Up Girl of the week! If I'd lost half my words I'd be in jail! Yap, someone would have to die. Oh, I don't care who's fault it was someone would NEED to die!
Hope everyone is having a great week.

Lisa66 said...

Amanda, I often forget to back up!! But this week, after reading what happened to you, I did. Guess what? My laptop shut down unexpectedly and I would have lost over 1000 words BUT I had backed up thanks to you.

Congrats on being this week's pin up girl!

You deserve it.

Eleni Konstantine said...

Congrats Amanda - you trooper you!!! :)

On my challenge front, going slowly but surely. Hit the 26K mark today. Happy with that :)

Amanda Reynolds-Smith said...

Oh I am crying... I hadn't read this till Helen made a comment on my blog!!!

It is amazing what a few little words of encouragement will do... I have to say I have really really struggled this year to try and maintain an "upbeat" approach to life and losing the words, as much as I made a little light of it, nearly did me in!!!

BUT - I keep reading my little quote above my head... "how much do you want it?" and I REALLY want to see my name in lights (well on the cover of some pages!!) and I have to keep going, no matter what!!

Thanks so much Sandie and co commenters... I am sure everyone has their ups and downs and I am truly no different... I really just so wanted to make this happen for myself!!! What an added bonus... feeling special and supported is better than any words right now (well, maybe not quite!!)...

Thanks so much - so glad I am part of this fabulous group!!

Amanda xxxx