Friday, June 20, 2008

It's A Frantic Friday Check In

Well here we are at the end of another week and what a week it has been. We’ve had sick kids, sick and injured challenges, boy it’s been tough. But we have continued on, battled through the rough spots and continued to work towards our goals. What can I say other than ‘FANTASTIC’ ladies, take a bow. With three having hit the 50k mark earlier this week, we have a few that are nearing that mark each day. This is great to see, to read each day how they have reached yet another rung on that ladder. BUT! I know I have said this before; still I’m going to say it again. This challenge should be about doing the best you can for yourself, it’s about getting you writing whether that is 50ks or 1k it doesn’t matter as long as at the end of the month you are happy with what you have achieved.

Now let’s talk about good news of a different kind. We have ladies on the loop who have achieved great results in contests this week. Natalie placed second in one of eHarlequin challenges; Nicki B is in the finals in the NZ ‘Great Beginnings’ contest. As well as Cathryn and Karen are finalists in the NZ ‘Meet the Editor’. So bring out the marching band.

WOOHOO ladies and all the best wishes for the next round. Now I’d tell you all to cross your fingers for them, but you need those to type with so cross your legs instead. If your hubby complains tell him it’s for a good cause. What else has happened this week???? Oh yeah the wonderful Diane Curran had had her story she wrote during NaNo ‘Beyond Happy Ever After’ accepted for publication with Wet Ink magazine. Double WOOHOO.

Also this week Paula Roe has her book in the ‘Diamonds Down Under’ series out, called ‘Boardrooms & A Billionaire Heir’ this is the fifth book in the six part series, so keep an eye out for it ladies.

Okay I hope I haven’t forgotten anyone if I have please accept my most humble apology. So now it’s to work. Yes it is now time to add your total’s so I can update your word meters. As always you have until 8pm (Sydney time) Sunday to post your total. Don’t forget I need to know your complete total for the challenge. Happy writing everyone and I’ll catch up with you over the weekend.



The Dribbler said...

Wow, there's been some good news floating around this week. Wonderful!

Best wishes to everyone - to all those champion writers who have achieved or are close to achieving their goal, and to contest finalists, fabbo people who have sold works, and those with new releases. Well done to you all.

Thanks for the congrats re my contest final. It was a bit of a shock to me too, but just the thing I needed to make me pull my finger out.

Only 1358 words this week which is a truly dismal effort but I've been rather distracted. I've written more - 5000 or so words more - but they've all been plot notes, research, character descriptions and GMC's for my WIP, or rather, my Work Only Vaguely In Progress. But once I have this plot well and truly sorted, then I'll be able to power on. Looks like it'll be 50Ks in July for me rather than June. Better late than never, I suppose.

Have a great weekend everyone. Hope to see lots more 50k totals posted.


Amanda Reynolds-Smith said...

Fabulous work ladies!!!! I feel so honoured to be in such company! It just waves the flag of motivation that bit more to see such wonderful achievements and know that I can be there one day... and all by starting here!

Great job Sandie in recognising all - and love the piccies!!


Rachael Blair said...

Also Bec Sampson - the pregnant one even sicker than me - finalled in the Valerie Parv Award. Way to go Bec!

Angie said...

Congrats on your achievements everyone.

My total for the challenge so far is 13,899. I haven't included the notes I've written in longhand and I'm not going to. I'm too lazy to count them really.

Eleni Konstantine said...

Great going everyone. Not sure if I'll be back online today so my total so far is: 28386.

Suzanne Brandyn said...

Hi Everyone,
My total is 37.000 so far... doubt if I will get anymore done until Monday.

Suz :)

Rachael Blair said...

Hey there ladies

Well... I've plodded slowly onwards this week. In this challenge the tortoise won't win the certificate but she will get there in the end.

I've added another 4821 words, which brings my challenge total to 23124.

WEll done to those gals who finalled in contests and reached their 50k this week!!!

Anonymous said...

My word count is 23 000.

Congrats to those who have finished their 50000 words... amazing achievements!

Congrats to the contest winners too & good luck with the next stage!

Cath Evans

Tannia said...

Congrats to everyone on totals achieved, against the odds for some. I've had a difficult week with work issues and having to be out and about more than I would have liked. However, managed to finalise two items which (fingers crossed) will leave me space for a dash to the finish this week.

Not confident of 50K, but hopeful - standing, at the moment, at 12946

LynnRW said...

Hi I am sitting on 25,036 and will keep plugging away tonight to give myself a slim chance of getting to 50K before the 30th. About half of what I've written was done in long hand because my laptop was broken - looks like July will be transcribing month - guess that will be a chance to redraft, assuming I can read my handwriting. Good luck to everyone who will be pulling out all stops to hit 50K and to those just trying to write and stay sane... Lynn

Leigh Robinson said...

My total word count is 33,450 and I am still hoping to reach 50k by the end of the month.

Just Nicki said...

Hey All

Fabulous effort everyone! How truly awesome is this effort.

Well hubby returns home on Tuesday after a month away so my goal is to be as close to the finish as I can be for when he arrives.

My current total so far is 40,788.

Still plenty of writing time for me tonight but I just wanted to get my total in before deadline time!!


Kerri Williams writer of romance said...

Congrats everyone, you've all done a super- duper job.
I'm still hoping i'll get
at the moment 25,020.
i actually think this is my best wip yet.
good luck and happy writing

nikki said...

Hi all,

Quite a few evenings where I couldn't write this week, but due to some serious sprinting and a 5am Sunday start I've knocked off another 11k.

My total is 37,152 and I'm on target for a 50K+ finish on the 31st (I think I can, I think I can...)

Carn everyone! Whatever your goal total may have been!


Amanda Reynolds-Smith said...

Well done all!! Fabulous effort... I am only at 18617 and still hoping somehow to make it to 50000... well done all of you who are there or almost there! Amanda

Anonymous said...

Rhian Cahill - 69,258
I'm checking in early as we're heading out to dinner and a movie. Great numbers again this week ladies.

shona husk said...

I'm going to get to 50k if it kills me. I have to confess it's not all one stroy, there is a novel and a short story in that count.

Congrats to everyone already there. Make sure the champers is open for the rest of us limping to the finish :)


Sussan Marz said...

Word count = 11,500

Thanks Sandie for the updates this week. Great work on some awesome, awesome word counts.

I've had a busy week but I've managed to write copious amounts of notes on loose paper in between it all. I couldn't even guess at how many words I've hand written. I'm not even gonna bother to try and count it. I did, however, start on a short story and wrote about 1500 words on it, bringing my total word count to 11500.

I don't think I'll be getting the certificate but it's been fun trying to keep focused on writing words. I've learned a lot about my process and what I'm capable of. I'm definitely someone who prefers to put lots of effort into the world building before writing. Also, I plan a little, write a little, plan, write; otherwise I meander with the story and the characters as I write.

Great work everyone!

Elaine said...

34 000 words


Christina Phillips said...

Thanks so much for all the good wishes on the contest final!

I slowed down a bit this week, but have still managed 35,665 words which is a lot more than I would have managed without the fabulous support of everyone during this challenge!

Great going ladies!

Christina Phillips

Natalie Hatch said...

I am now at 52,000+ words, having fun and kicking arse.... yeah, oh actually it's my hero kicking arse, but the heroine gets a few kicks in as well, while the baddies on the ground

Sue said...

I'm at 33,232 words now so may make it yet.
Sue W

Alison said...

Total for me is at 40778 so far, thanks Sandie.

How's that 'Just Nicki'? Nearly fell over when I read your total of 40788 *g*

Big congrats to all comp winners and finalists. What a buzz this group is.

Lisa66 said...

Well done to all those who have had success in contests this week AND a big 'hooray' for all those who have hit 50k already - WOW!!!

I'm crawling to the finish line and may not quite get there bey the30th, but I'm still giving it a shot.

Total so far - 27000

Good luck to everyone for the final week.

Lisa Roderick

Freya Croft said...

total word count is 14,578
dare i hope for 50k? *g*

Claire said...

About 16 hours of editing for me this week and minus 2362 words! The good news is I'm about two thirds the way through my editing and hope to finish it by the end of the month.

Congratulations to everyone on their efforts.


Michele Cashmore said...

Hi guyz

Haven't written a thing all weekend *sigh*. My word count for the week is 10,335 bringing my total to 20,888. How I'm going to reach 50K by the end of the month is anyones guess and not looking promising. I admire all of you so much for working so hard and sprinting throughout the day. Well done to everyone and good luck for next week :)


Barb said...

39,300 this week. sorry i'm late

Gail Symmonds said...

Hi evceryone

I can't help but admire all of you especially the ones with small children. You're amazing!! My grand total so far is 33,123. I'm a bit behind but am up for a big last week.
Good luck everyone.

Gail :)

Cris said...

Sorry, I'm late posting my total - it took forever to get the baby to sleep tonight. I'm up to 31,610.
Cris Hickey.

Sandie Hudson said...

Ladies, I have to say you have done yourselves proud. I am so excited to see how you all go this week because I just know it is going to be well worth watching you all progress towards your goal no matter what that may be.

RC, will be posting again tomorrow and I'll catch up with you all on Wednesday.


Diane said...

Total word count is now 47,030.

So close, so close, and yet so far.

(Gahd, who am i channeling now, Frankie Avalon I think)

And fellow challengers, you are all doing so well! Keep at it.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to the BIG achievers.

I've had a bit of a slow-down this week. Total in the last seven days: 4850, which takes me to 19,227 words so far.

Ligia Pelosi

Tracy Dean said...

My total so far is 13,799. If it's too late for this week's update, I'll post again next week.

Tracy Blackadder