Friday, October 31, 2008

3,2,1.....Blast Off!

Well, this is it. At midnight tonight our 50,000 words in 30 days begins. It has certainly rolled around quickly. Is anyone preparing to start at midnight? I'm waiting until tomorrow... if I started at midnight it would wipe me out for the next day or so lol.

I have planned a few little things to help me get through:
  1. I have got a little notebook and a tiny pencil that will fit into my handbag/nappybag/pocket and plan to carry it everywhere so if inspiration strikes, or by some miracle I have a moments peace, I won't waste it and can continue in my quest for a complete ms in November.
  2. I am also going to try to get a routine whereby I start writing at a set time each night (8.30pm) and try to guarantee 2 hours/day that way, regardless of whatever else I may have squeezed in.
  3. I have also decided to reward myself for every 12,500 words (which makes 25% of the target). Not quite sure what that reward will be yet, any suggestions as to what a sleep deprived, frantic, non-coffee drinking nano-er might be desperately wanting?
So what tricks do you all have planned to help you reach the mark? Please share as the more ideas out there the better.

Finally, to all of you NaNoWriming: Be Well, Good Work and Stay in Touch



pinsandthimbles said...

I'm going to need a little more than 25% rewards, having never finished an ms. I'm buying the kinds of rewards I can use immediately I hit the mark -- that's important -- and labeling them (wrapped) for 10,000, 20,000, and so on. So far I have two CDs I've been holding out on buying, and tomorrow I'm going to buy an amazing bright African shirt to pull on at 30,000! And then I can keep on writing...
I think I'm going to need some chocolate rewards for smaller goals, too :)

Eleni Konstantine said...

Good luck Ellanora and all the RWA NaNonites (is there such a word? *g*).

I think having rewards will help the motivation along....

Sandie Hudson said...

I'm having one big reward at the end. I'm going to see Hummmmmmm Hugh Jackman in Australia. What more do I need to keep me writing? LOL.


Diane said...

yep, starting at midnight. because it's only 23 minutes away and it may be the only writing I get done on 1 November because I'm otherwise occupied.

I've just got home from a Halloween party where the Cullen sisters (Andrea and myself)in our matching vampire wings (actually I had wing envy, here are sparklier than mine) had been looking for Edward, but I greeted every vampire personally when they came up the stairs and not one of them came anywhere near Edward's gorgeousness.

Anyway to find out why I'll have little time to write during daylight hours tomorrow, watch for my blog post which has been scheduled to pop up at 12.01.

Kiki said...

Mmmh, writing at midnight... For me, not so much. I'm very much not a night person, and at about 11pm, I turn into a pumpkin, lol.

I like the idea of rewarding yourself, as long as it's not a food reward.

I take special breaks after every scene where I get to do something nice and relaxing like stretching or yoga, and every chapter (~3k), I reward myself with a full-hour something-or-other. Could be reading, playing, surfing the net...