Saturday, November 1, 2008

Nano Time

What are you doing reading this?

It’s November 1.

It’s Nano time.

Why aren’t you writing?

What are you doing on the internet????!!!!!

Guess what?

I’m not writing.

But there’s a reason for that.

Depending on what time you’re reading this, I am either asleep, or out photographing footballers, netballers, volleyballers, lawn bowlers, dart players, or I’m eating, or I’m taking orders for above photos and wondering when I can get home so I can sleep again.

And wondering when I can get started on my Nano novel.

Because Kirsty’s ready. She’s stamping her foot with impatience, glaring at her watch, wondering when I’m going to turn up at the keyboard.

Dylan’s ready to call lights, camera, action.

And Genevieve is ready for her close up, darlink!

But the author’s nowhere in sight.

This silly writer went and made a major commitment which spills over into the first days of November.

Which means, my fellow RWA Nanowrimo’ers, you get a head start on me. You can charge out the starting gate and be several lengths down the track before I even make it to the racecourse. (November also means Melbourne Cup so the racing analogies are going to come out.) So how far down the track will you be when I get here? (Hopefully regular word sprints are taking place in my absence).

I will catch up.

I’ve started late before.

I can do it.

I know I can.

I know I can.

I know I can.


rhiancahill said...

Cheeky, very cheeky!
It's Nov 1 for you start writing. You're up, I see you. LOL
RC (who has to wait another 3 hours!)

Diane said...

I lied. I am writing. 7 minutes in and I have 212 words.

I wanted to get a start on it so that I do something tomorrow.

I wrote this post two nights ago.

rhiancahill said...

I knew you were cheating as well as cheeky. LOL
Good going on the count. I'm gonna go to bed soon and get up earlyish. The Kid isn't home until late tomorrow afternoon so I'll have little to no interruptions.
I hope, cause I really wanna play with my new friend the cowboy. He's gonna steam things up.

Rachael Johns said...

Just stopping by to say Good Luck to all of you! Wish I was participating again this year but it's just too much at the moment!

Roll on June and next Nov!!


PS. I'll be watching your progress...

Eleni Konstantine said...

Hey so you have started Diane - 212 words 7 minutes aint too bad ;))

Good luck all and Diane I'm sure you can do it.

Ellanora Joy said...

I only got to the computer at 9pm and after 2 hours have only got 600 words to show for it. My biggest battle, as predicted, is with my internal editor. But I think that I have improved over the 2 hours as I only wrote 150 words in the first hour, and the rest in the second.

My bedtime is fast approaching so tomorrow I am going to have to make up for tonight. Hopefully I will get some writing done during the day, not just between my designated 9-11pm slot.

Hope everyone else is faring better.