Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Trouble with Tuesday

Research, I've been researching for weeks now for my November novel 'Chains of Love' and guess what? I'm still have no idea where I'm going to start this darn novel. My original plan was to have my hero and heroine come out on the second fleet. So I started my research into the second fleet and conditions on the ships. Of course I thought this would be great because the colony was already partly developed. Well, that was changed to them being transported out with the first feet.

Now I'm madly researching everything and anything I can on the first fleet. Wouldn't you think that they would have given me this little bit of information sooner. Okay so I've had a couple of weeks, but still I decided to write this darn thing months ago. I tell you heroes can be such pains in the butt at times. Yes I'm putting all the blame on him because he started it, oh and he also wants to start it off in LONDON. Says it's not much use giving half the story. I mean what the?

I am now armed with a mile of books from the library, DVDs that I've bought and hired and ready to kick this thing in the butt. (Yeah I'm in a butt kicking mood.) I'm sure I'm going to have square eyes before this thing starts. At least I'll know heaps about the founding of our county. LOL.

So how is your planning for NaNo going? Are your heroes and heroines throwing you any curly ones? Or do you have nice characters that say yes sir, no sir, three bags full sir. If you do let me know where to find them. Do not let anyone tell you, you control the story. It is all a pack of bull, the characters their the one that have all the say.

Just to mix things up and because i had nothing better to do (yeah right) I watched 'Made of Honour' today with Dr McDreamy himself Patrick Dempsey. Ahhhhhh my shoot of the McDreamy. Now it is back to research and other important DVD watching.


Monique Wood said...

Hey, Sandie,

Read Colleen McCullough's book "Morgan's Run" to help with your research. It's based on the first fleet trip. A great read.

My hubby's g,g,g,g,g bla bla grandfather and grandmother are mentioned in Colleen's books (Rope and Pulley were their names, believe it or not), and they almost had their live cut short due to a misunderstanding...

Anyway, back to NaNo, my hero is telling me he's decided to be the one to be besotted/in love first. The heroine just needs to be convinced (she's a little cynical).

Don't you just love your characters?!

Hope you get them to behave themselves :-)

Eleni Konstantine said...

Yes, characters have a way of turning everything you had planned for them on their head. Sometimes a little prodding gets them back in line but most times - sheesh - they have a mind of their own. Good luck with the first fleet journey Sandie.

Monique - how interesting about your ancestors.