Monday, October 27, 2008

Monday Morning with Mon (sounds like a talkshow!)

This is my last entry for the 50ks blog for a little while. Soon I’ll be on holidays for about 10 days. Wahooooooooo! As if you didn’t know that!

By the way, did I tell you I’m going on holidays?! Lol. Just checking…

So while you’re all slogging away at your keyboards, building those stories and mistreating your characters (i.e. making them fall in and out of love and giving them all sorts of conflict to deal with), I’ll be sucking up the rays on the beach.

Picture poor little ol’ me: the breeze gently flowing through my shiny locks, the beautiful blue water in my line of sight, a delicious cocktail in my hand, my sun kissed skin glimmering/shimmering/glistening (as it does) in the sunlight…

Yeah right. Ding, ding, ding - reality check! It’ll be more like my children climbing all over my husband and I, lugging around heavy suitcases or a backpack full of suntan cream, hats, food, towels, baby wipes, nappies, etc., and visiting them park after theme park where it’s compulsory to pose and smile stupidly at a camera alongside people dressed in uncomfortable character costumes.

Sounds like a great holiday, don’t you think?!

I am SOOOO excited. No washing to do for over a week. Ick! Forgot about the washing I’ll have to do on my return… Err, lots of fun and relaxation. Spending my time denying I have any cares in the world, or commitments like NaNoWriMo. Huh? What’s NaNoWriMo? Sounds like some sort of exotic, flesh eating disease.

You know, I’m just thinking my poor little fingers will have forgotten how to type words on a keyboard by the end of my holiday. Boo hoo! (I can just see the virtual daggers shooting through cyberspace, tearing me to shreds!).

All kidding aside, I’ve made a lot of progress with prep for my NaNo story, and have a good idea of where it is going. I think I will get close to the 50,000 word mark (Ha, ha, ha. I’m certifiable). I’m hoping a revitalised brain and body means I can work like Speedy Gonzales, and play catchup quicksmart when I get back.

Although I’ve been banned by my hunky hubby from writing whilst away, I’m not banned from READING. I have a stack of books in my TBR pile, and plan on taking a few with me. We have a really jam packed itinerary, so I doubt much reading will get done, but it will be good if I can squeeze some reading in.

If I can get internet access, I’ll try and send you all a ‘cooee’ to see if you’re all motivated and on track. I’ll be so excited to see how you’re all going when I get back. I have high expectations – you’ll all be on fire and brimming with confidence (as opposed to setting your manuscripts on fire and brimming with tears!).

GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!! I’ll be thinking of you! Please continue to email me or Facebook me (that doesn’t sound too good!) whilst I’m gone as I may get a chance to log on and respond to you. I'm sorry if this is a very 'me, me, me' post today, but my brain isn't functioning too well at the moment!

Now, off I go to start packing! :-)


Sandie Hudson said...

You're aloud to have a 'me me' posts. Your hoilday sounds wonderful, screaming, excited kids what more could a mother want? LOL.

We'll miss you Mon. But I'm afraid I may not have a lot of time to think about you up there, sunbaking, drinking cocktails, chasing run-away kids. Hehehe, yes I will, at least once a day I'll think about you. That will be when my story and or characters aren't doing what they are suppose to do. Then I'll think Bl**dy lucky Mon.

Anyway my sweet, have a great hoilday, and be ready to write when you get back.


Michelle Douglas said...

Monique - have a fabulously wonderful holiday! Believe me, a little time away from writing can do you the WORLD of good.



Eleni Konstantine said...

Brain not being able to funcgtion is pre-holiday excitement Mon.... yay for you!! Have a fab holiday and enjoy the break.

Monique Wood said...

Thanks, ladies! I'm not in writing mode AT ALL, which probably isn't good, but it has been almost 2 years since my last holiday...

Sandie - I'll be thinking of you and sending you good vibes lovey. Hope you dream about Huge, and find it inspiring! Lol.

Michelle - I promise your book is the first in the TBR pile! Can't wait to get stuck into it.

Eleni - Love the change of your profile image! Where do you get the great images from?

Take care everyone :-)

Diane said...

Hey Monique,

If you're certifiable, then we're all certifiable....

but at least we're in good company!

Have a great holiday!

Monique Wood said...


Make sure you leave a spare straight jacket for me for when I get back!! Lol.

Diane said...

Sandie, RC and I have had this conversation before.

It's REALLY hard to type when you're wearing a straitjacket!

You have to bang your head against the keyboard and hope you hit the right keys.

Right, gals?

Sandie Hudson said...

Yep, I had a headache for days. LOL.

Monique Wood said...

Well, good luck with the head banging!

I really hope to hear you're all doing really well when I log on next. It would be very exciting if everyone cracks the 50ks this year. Too bad we don't live near each other, because it would be great to have a party afterwards.

Maybe we need to have a virtual party after NaNo?!

Eleni Konstantine said...

Glad you like the profile image - I got it from on of the stock photos sites...damn can't remember which one right now...will have to check :)