Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Halfway and failing

Well, my NaNo experience so far has been underwhelming. I've had all sorts of interesting (not) things happen so far which aren't writing related, and my word count isn't going anywhere. It's wallowing in patheticness (is there such a word?!).

I'm very pleased to see most of you are doing really well, pumping out the words and reaching your targets. I wish I was with you, but my words have stalled. I've produced all of... oooh... nothing in about almost a week, and I can't see it changing any time soon.

Anyway, I haven't got much to share today. Nothing poignant, deep, meaningful or useful. No hunky pics to make your mouth water. So, apologies for wasting your time by making you read this blog post about diddly squat! I promise I'll make it up to you next Wednesday.

:-) Mon "I'm sick, so that's my excuse" Wood


Natalie Hatch said...

Hey did someone start the Pity Party without me? Who's been knee deep into the 'whine'? LOL.
Mon get in line lovey, I'm right there with you, but as of twenty minutes ago I am 51,000 words into this WIP (which means I've done 11,000 words this month).. hey it's something. Not my best writing speed but I'm going to amping up the anty now. Why don't you join me in pushing forward just a little bit more. I'll give you a Richard Armitage for good luck!

Anita Joy said...

Mon, we are such a pigeon pair. Doo do dooo do.... my word count this week has also been zero. Zilch. Nada.

But I'm sure that will change next week *snort*.

Here's to November!

Monique Wood said...

Nat, you do realise being sick gives me the right to whine?! AJ, we can make up for it next week, but I'm not expecting much from my end! Lol.

Yeah, boo hoo, I'm being a sooky la la. Might have to do with being vomited on repeatedly by my three year old. Ew.

Sandie Hudson said...

So this is where the pity party is, I've been walking the bloody halls looking for you guys. LOL. I have to say not much happening here at the moment. I did manage to write four reviews today so that's something, but as for my story, well let's just say they have all gone on vaction.

We still have just over 13 days to go so there is hope.


Monique Wood said...

Oh, Sandie, you can join in! What's the go with these characters and plots of ours deciding to bugger off on us?!

I've managed some critiquing and a review myself, but apart from that, nothing. I'm hoping my daughter will be well enough for me to get some editing done today.

Sandie Hudson said...

Mon, who are you doing reviews for? I'm doing housework this morning (YUCK), then it's into the editing this afternoon.


Nicky said...

Hey, no pity party next Wednesday. It's bad enough I have to share my day of birth with the flippin' State of Origin (really, you'd think the NRL could've reschedule....well....they should've!!!).

A little wallow is allowed......perhaps :) You'll get there Mon!

Monique Wood said...

Sandie, I just wrote a review for Kiki's book on my blog. Nothing massive/major, but it takes time.

Nicky, damn State of Origin! Lol. Reminds me of when I caught some of my guests listening to the footy at my wedding reception (they just couldn't miss the game). Happy Birthday, btw! Hope you have a good day :-)