Sunday, June 14, 2009

Slacking off...

Looking at my report card, I have been slacking off this week. On the days that I have been writing, I haven't been meeting the bare minimum to make 50ks in a month. And there are other days where I just haven't shown up at all.

Yes, I am distracted. But all in a good writerly way. On Thursday, I sent Cinderella off to another ball, hoping she'll dance away with a prize. Cinders has been very good to me, and she has those magic glass slippers so I have very high hopes for her continuing to charm and dazzle people.

And Prince Henry? I'd love to post the picture I have here of my inspiration for the gorgeous Prince. But you know...copyright issues. I guess I could email the photographer and ask him if it's okay, but then you've got a magazine that's paid for these pics as well. So best not go there. Instead he looks over at me at work with that look in his eyes and I can see why Cinders has fallen for him.

Okay, so I know I've got you curious. You can check him out here.

But he and Cinders are not in this current story, so it is a little distracting, and I can't wait to get back to them when June is over.

After nearly two years of registration, I finally did something with my domain name after cheapskate me found a free web host. So here is my brand new website... Diane Curran...which is still a work in progress.

And I've been playing around with ideas for my WRITE EDIT SUBMIT writing mantra. Stay tuned! I can feel another t-shirt in the making.

Now back to the current work in progress, my fairy godmother story. Olivia the teen has just got high on fairy dust and decided to throw a rave so everyone can try it. I'm sure no good will come of this.


Nicky said...

Good words Diane. I'm still grappling with part 2 & 3 of your mantra. Going to have to trick myself into it!

Sandie Hudson said...

You're doing great Diane. So glad you sent your entry off, good luck. I love your website.