Monday, June 15, 2009

The Writing Gods

Here we are heading into the third week of the challenge. This can be a great time because you’ve settled into a routine (mostly), the words are flowing (sometimes), and the end is not too far away.

So I have a question.

What do you do when the Writing Gods are fighting against you?

Me, I cook. Alright, normally I don’t, I just rant and rave about the world hating me and maybe I’m not meant to write. But yesterday I cooked. Hubby is even so pleased. Today I’m ready to tackle the world and write again. The problem I had over the weekend is I would have had to work on Hubby’s computer and I hate that, for some reason the words just don’t flow as well. Probably because he is in and out of the office asking, “What are you doing?”, “You going to be much longer?” Men. Today I have free rein.

1) Have coffee.
2) Take crappy lappy to computer guy.
3) Write and at this point I don’t care what it is as long as it’s writing.
4) Have more coffee.
5) When I get Lappy back, back up all my damn writing files each night!
So how have you been going? Are the Writing Gods against you as well? Or are you writing up a storm and nothing can stand in your way. I hope it’s the latter for you.
The word totals are looking great and remember no matter how big or small your total, it’s the writing that counts. Have fun. AND BACK UP YOUR FILES NOW!!

Happy Writing.


Natalie Hatch said...

I second the BACK UP your files thing, and raise you a Dont use Write or Die in Kamakazi mode ever ever ever, you'll lose your words if your computer decides to freeze on you.

Anita Joy said...

Sandie, bugger, sounds like you lost some words :o( Hopefully today will be better and the baking will have appeased the writing gods. Good luck!

Eleni Konstantine said...

I'm on track so that is one thing, though I've had to push a few days while other days I've had a zero result. So the scales are balanced at the moment (thank you Writing Gods).

Nicky said...

Sandie, I think steps 1 & 4 are the most necessary of the writing process *lol*!

Yes. Back up...back up and ... back up! I back up on C drives, external hard drives & USB sticks (no, I'm not paranoid, no sirree, not me, nahah).

May the Writing Gods & Goddesses (gotta cover the bases) shine down & rain thousands of good words upon you.

We will not debate the use of shining & rain in a single sentence *LOL*.

Sandie Hudson said...

Thanks ladies, I have my laptop back and what am I doing today? Reading. LOL, I have reviews due this weekend which I forgot about, so today is reading day, tonight will be writing time.

I agree Nicky 1 & 4 are my all time much do.

Great going on the word count Eleni.