Sunday, October 19, 2008

Beyond the usual

When you ask most people who's 'hot', they'll tell you Brad Pitt. Johnny Depp. Hugh Jackman. David Beckham.
Notice what they all have in common? no, not that they're hot, that's a given.
They're all white.
What's up with that?

So let me expand your hottie horizons with some eye candy you might not have oggled before.

A lot of my heroes are Asian, and I find that there aren't a lot of Asian heroes out there in romance land. I'm not quite sure why. It's a topic that is brought up occasionally in the blogosphere. I really like this post about what romance really is. Another great post is by author Camy Tang, who was apparently told to write her heritage. Found here.
What does this all mean?
Actually, nothing much. It's just some filler text around the hunky men at the end of the day.

So, what kinds of heroes do it for you? Are there certain things about a handsome hunk that just make you swoon? How important are his eyes, his hair, his skin? What body type do you find yourself going for?
And most importantly, are those the heroes you write and read?


Diane said...

Of course there are hot Asian men. I just don't stumble across them much where I live, so they're not really in my sphere of thought. (well not since Uni, anyway) Mind you, I wouldn't mind stumbling across some hot native Americans.

Important characteristics in a hunk for me are eyes and smile. Hey if a guy is good looking but never smiles, then what's the point?

Do I write this? I don't know. I just know they smile too much.

Natalie Hatch said...

The hands, as they reach in to grab his wallet and hand over his life savings for me to devour in my ultimate greedy rush for satisfaction that no amount of sexual destitudinalism can match....
oh sorry was just reading a few stories that were a bit sordid, kind of got to me.
What do i like in men? Humour, I've dated Asian/Irish/American/Australia/Indian/Mediterranean men (not all at once though) and each has great attributes. I don't mind as long as they can make me laugh and have honour.

Amy Andrews said...

Nah, sorry, dont do it for me. Don't get me wrong - great pics but I like big tall, sturdy men and Asian guys dont generally fit into this body type.
Not that I'd object to reading an Asian hero but I just wouldn't write one or necessarily be attracted to one in real life.

But having said that, I think the most attractive men of all are capable men. They dont have to be hunky or good looking but man, if they can fix my car or change a lightbulb - I'm hooked!!!

Sandie Hudson said...

Great post Kiki, and fantastic start to our hunky hero week. For me it's the eyes that have it. My hero doesn't need to be tall, dark and handsome , but I love it when he is, hehehehe.

I haven't written an Asian hero yet, but that doesn't mean I won't, whol knows what will happen in my stories.

I also love a hero who is willing to admit at some point they have their own flaws.


Monique Wood said...

I like heroes of all types, although I tend to lean towards darker haired guys (for some reason). Doesn't matter what nationality. Dark hair gets me!!