Monday, October 20, 2008

Monday Manfest: It had to be Hugh…

I’ve been sick as a dog, so this little exercise has proven to be a fab pick me up!

Yes, I know. You all think I’m obsessed with a certain multi-talented Aussie who shall remain nameless (apart from the heading above!). I must admit I am a sucker for a guy who can sing and move his sexy butt, and looks good in pretty much anything (or without anything on). This hunk of manliness fits the bill for tall, dark and handsome to a tee!

I haven’t used him as inspiration for my writing as I want to keep him for something special. There are plenty of gorgeous men out there that I can use as hero material, but the moment I find that special character, I’ll pull out His Lusciousness and use him. Hmmmm!

So why is he here in my NaNo blog entry? Purely for your perving pleasure!

I like this guy’s versatility. He can be rough and ready (like Logan/Wolverine and Gabriel Van Helsing), cad turned good (as Eddie in ‘Someone Like You’) or sweet and romantic (like the time travelling Duke, Leopold).

But what got me hooked in the first place was ‘Paperback Hero’. A hot truck driver named Jack who is secretly a romance writer. It sounds like a far fetched plot, but His Hawtness pulls it off, and his chemistry with Claudia Karvan is really believable. That’s the stuff of great romance.

I’ll let the pictures throughout my blog do the talking! I had SUCH a hard time doing research for this blog entry. Really, what a boring job we have as writers. I was nearly crossed eyed by the end of it :-)

I was still feeling sick when I started this entry, but now I’m feeling a WHOLE lot better!


Sandie Hudson said...

You poor thing, not feeling well and having to something like select a heap of photos to stick on a blog. LOL.

Okay so they are not just any old photos. You have excelled yourself Miss Mon. Should I tell you I have Hug as one of my heroes. Yes in all his yumminess who could by past out Hugh.

But he's not the hero for my NaNo novel. No I have another yummy Aussie guy picked out for that one, you'll have to wait until tomorrow.


Ellanora Joy said...


Having a tragic day as well - Hugh was just what I needed lol.


Diane said...

Hey Mon, you've created a huge precedent with all those yummy Hugh pictures. How can I live up to it on Saturday?

Monique Wood said...

Oooh! Ladies, I expect you to dig deep to create some hunkalicious (I know it's not a word!) blog entries! I know it's tough going, but I guarantee it will be worth it :-)

Kiki said...

Nice picture collection right there. ^_^
This blog is going to be sooo bogged down by the end of the week with all these pictures floating about.
I hope no one with dial-up comes to play. Then again, it's all worth it, right?

Natalie Hatch said...

I knew Hugh would be coming along. Dear oh dear. ah well sometimes we have to suffer through these things for our

Monique Wood said...

Hey Nat,

I'm sure you'll share my pain when you do your own blog entry. Just remember we are all suffering with you as we gaze at the pictures you'll upload of your hunk(s)! Lol.

Natalie Hatch said...

do you mean I have to put photos of guys up? now that means I have to spend copious amounts of time searching for hunky guys... it's all research

Annie West said...

Monique, just popping in to tell you what good taste you have! I first saw HJ, shirtless, as Curly in Oklahoma (my dad's a fan of musicals). Couldn't remember Oklahoma ever being so appealing before. Have been following his career with great interest since!

Thanks for the pics.


Monique Wood said...

Oh, Annie, he was gorgeous in Oklahoma. You can download scenes of Hugh belting out some songs from the movie on, how would I know that?! :-)