Friday, October 24, 2008

Famous Film-men Friday

Wow what a week of hunks. Definitely a lot of scope for heroes this week. I've found that the inspiration for my heroes always comes from the movies. I think that for me it is just not the package (with the exception of Hugh Jackman and Pierce Brosnan - total drool material), but the character - their mannerisms, behaviour, humour etc that are what do it for me.

Take Hugh Grant. I don't find him attractive at all out of a movie - and he definitely doesn't have a great bod. BUT stick him into a romance and, yep, he's won me over. Think Notting Hill/Love Actually/4 Weddings and a Funeral.

In fact it didn't really occur to me until I sat down and thought about it, but in a lot of the great romance movies out there, you really don't see a lot of flesh. The heroes in many of these use the character's inherent traits and the romance to win over the audience. Of course, the leading men are never ugly - although not neccessarily handsome in the traditional sense, eg Owen Wilson (Wedding Crashers).
A lot of period romances have the heroes dressed in layers of clothes, and yet you still fall for the leads as much as if they were flashing their abs. And of course, this gives me a chance to include a little Hugh - the Aussie one ;o) (Kate and Leopold).

I think in developing my heroes, I pick a leading man who has played a character that has elements of my hero. I have a hero based on Gerard Butler - thanks to PS I Love You - probably the most romantic movies I have ever seen. I would never have used him as my leading man if it hadn't been for his character in that movie.

Movies keep my heroes ageless. Wouldn't take a second look at Michael Douglas, but what a hero he made in the Romancing the Stone/Jewel of the Nile flicks.

Well, I think you get my drift. So to finish off I thought I would leave you with a collection of my favourite leading men. (Pierce, Hugh and Colin)
Anita :o)


Monique Wood said...

Luurvly, Anita!

I agree about Hugh Grant. He isn't that great outside a movie, but in moves like 'Love Actually' he's spont on.

And Colin, Colin, Colin! Don't you just want to dress him in period costume and make him recite Jane Austen?!

Pierce Brosnan is one of those ageless hotties. I could happily run my fingers through those dark locks!

Well, you saved the best for last. Hummana, hummana, HJ!!

Natalie Hatch said...

I need to rewatch romancing the stone... oh I sooo need that movie right now.
Can I tell you I'm not ready for Nano? That my whole writing is crashing around my head today and I'm just not up with it? Can I have a hissy fit and stomp my feet and have Hugh or Gerard come by my place to tell me it's all going to be okay? bugga I'll have to stick with hubby doing it then.
I'm in a vulnerable part of my edit. I know what I have to do, it's doing it and moving on that I'm having the hard time with.
I need more hunks to cheer me up. and now I have to find Romancing the Stone...

Sandie Hudson said...

I'm such a slack butt, here it is Monday and I'm only just getting to post a comment. Not to worry.

Great post Anita, I have to agree about Huge Grant does nothing for me on the Red Carpet etc, but in a film... He knows how to play to the camera.

Now as for the wonderful Colin Firth, YUMMY. Pierce I can give or take. But Huge Jackman yep another YUMMY. Hehehe