Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wrangler Wednesday!

Now I'll admit to being partial to a man in jeans. I'm a butt girl at heart and it's the first thing I saw of my future husband when we met. Well, we didn't actually meet, he was walking out the door and I just watched him. LOL

There's another thing I should confess to. I have a serious thing for cowboys. I don't get it, maybe it's the jeans but give me a story with a cowboy or two and damn! As my CP, Mari Carr would say, it just melts my butter. So I thought I'd share a couple of cowboys and a couple of hot guys in jeans.

Now my all time favorite cowboy is this guy here. He's the inspiration behind Brock, the hero in Nicole Austin's next Corralled book. But then I gotta say the inspiration behind the other cowboys in this series are just as gorgeous. And the cowboy below Brock? Well, what's a cowboy without a horse?

Now this guy just makes me think of dancing. Don't know why but he just looks like he's got all the moves going on. And really, who wouldn't be up for a little two steppin' with him? You'll have to wait your turn though, I'm in line first.

And one more just because I like cowboys. I did warn you.

Now to prove that my jean fetish isn't just about cowboys I've included a few more of the men from my Hunky Inspiration folder. (yes it does exist) For those that know me well you'll know that this is Cam. He's the hero in my contemporary erotic romance Show Me. He's 26 and all that, but he gets to play with a 36yo virgin out to experience it all. And I'll be damned if that innocent little thing doesn't get him all tied in knots.

Well now, a dock worker, maybe? I like this guy, he hasn't told me his name yet but you know I'm looking at him now and thinking that little piece I wrote the other day just might be about this guy and if it is... well, let me introduce you to Dave. He's part owner of a construction company. They're having problems with sabotage on the work site but that's the least of his worries because his new head welder, Cal, just happens to be a woman.

And this guy? Well, I figured I'd do my bit for the worsening energy crisis and the global warming thing and find out about wind power. Of course I needed someone to tell me all about it. And I do believe he's up to the job.

Now the above pic just has my mouth watering and my tummy fluttering and you know the jeans slung low, that tantalizing V over those yummy hips and damn if I wouldn't just love to run my hand up that washboard stomach. I might even spend a little time checking out those pecs.

So now that I've succeeded in getting myself all hot and bothered I think I might go and play with Cam. I'm thinking Laney just might have that boy performing a little strip tease for her.



Monique Wood said...


An outstanding post! 10/10 for six packs!

Jeans are just SO HOT on a guy. You can never go wrong.

Cowboys and those strong thighs... need I say more?!

Love it!!!

Sandie Hudson said...

YUMMY, gotta love them cowboys. I love watching them ride a horse or a bucking bull. Yep, nothing like watching them move in time with an animal. That's when you see those strong thighs at work and the muscles across their backs.

Oops better go and have a COLD shower. LOL.

Okay well maybe after I have a look at all these fine men again. Hehehehe.


Annie West said...


Personally I love a long, lean cowboy. And jeans...definitely! I can see how they're inspirational.

Have fun with your wip.


Monique Wood said...


Should it be wip or whip! Lol :-)