Friday, October 24, 2008

Sexy Saturday

Wow, everyone has given me a lot to live up to. So here goes!

I was hunting around for some inspiration for my new hero, Dylan. He needed to be cool, sexy, creative and a little bit bohemian. So last weekend, I was watching Crybaby. How could I go past Johnny Depp? Johnny is a fabulous actor and a true chameleon. Perfect inspiration.

I'm not just inspired by contemporary hunks. Some of the golden age film stars are very inspiring. In a comment this week on the blog, I said that I'm attracted to a nice smile. Just check out Clark Gable's cheeky grin and those eyes in that last photo. My mum took me to see Gone with the Wind when I was 13 and I've loved Clark Gable ever since.

Now this strip of random spunks came from a website called Water, Water Everywhere which I think Sandie put me on to. It should be in the Favourites of every romance writer. Plus it links to a couple of other great sites.

I haven't heard of most of these guys before (except Josh Holloway) but found them by clicking on random links on this great website. So from L to R we have:
Barry Watson, Dustin Nguyen (for Kiki), Gerard Way (for goth inspiration), Aaron Beas, Josh Holloway, Markus Schenkenberg (for shower scenes), and Lucky Vanous (the eyes had me). Maybe one day, I will google these guys to find out who they actually are -- but for now just enjoy the perve!

Only 7 days to Nano!


Monique Wood said...


I never get tired of looking at such delicious pics!!

I've loved Johnny since 21 Jump Street. He's so cool, and so naughty. Yum!

And I lurve Josh Holloway. Too bad Lost isn't on at the moment...

More, please!!!

Kiki said...

What a great way to finish the week! You've clearly got great taste in men.

Now with a week's worth of inspiration, writing that extra-scrumptious hero should be an absolute breeze, right?

Sandie Hudson said...

I agreew with Kiki, great finish to our male inspiration week. What a selection of male skin we have here. Johnny Deep definitely a great hero.

Ohhh put Clark Gable... be still my heart. He is the all time bestest ever hero.

Great post Di.