Friday, June 20, 2008

It's A Frantic Friday Check In

Well here we are at the end of another week and what a week it has been. We’ve had sick kids, sick and injured challenges, boy it’s been tough. But we have continued on, battled through the rough spots and continued to work towards our goals. What can I say other than ‘FANTASTIC’ ladies, take a bow. With three having hit the 50k mark earlier this week, we have a few that are nearing that mark each day. This is great to see, to read each day how they have reached yet another rung on that ladder. BUT! I know I have said this before; still I’m going to say it again. This challenge should be about doing the best you can for yourself, it’s about getting you writing whether that is 50ks or 1k it doesn’t matter as long as at the end of the month you are happy with what you have achieved.

Now let’s talk about good news of a different kind. We have ladies on the loop who have achieved great results in contests this week. Natalie placed second in one of eHarlequin challenges; Nicki B is in the finals in the NZ ‘Great Beginnings’ contest. As well as Cathryn and Karen are finalists in the NZ ‘Meet the Editor’. So bring out the marching band.

WOOHOO ladies and all the best wishes for the next round. Now I’d tell you all to cross your fingers for them, but you need those to type with so cross your legs instead. If your hubby complains tell him it’s for a good cause. What else has happened this week???? Oh yeah the wonderful Diane Curran had had her story she wrote during NaNo ‘Beyond Happy Ever After’ accepted for publication with Wet Ink magazine. Double WOOHOO.

Also this week Paula Roe has her book in the ‘Diamonds Down Under’ series out, called ‘Boardrooms & A Billionaire Heir’ this is the fifth book in the six part series, so keep an eye out for it ladies.

Okay I hope I haven’t forgotten anyone if I have please accept my most humble apology. So now it’s to work. Yes it is now time to add your total’s so I can update your word meters. As always you have until 8pm (Sydney time) Sunday to post your total. Don’t forget I need to know your complete total for the challenge. Happy writing everyone and I’ll catch up with you over the weekend.


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Happy Hump Day!! So How Ya Goin'?

Hi Ladies,

Welcome to hump day, yes we are at the middle of the week yet again. Where the hell has the week gone? Okay ladies how are you going this week? We have three who have reached the 50k mark. How fantastic are Felicity and RC? Felicity 590ks in what 14 days? Very impressive Way to go Felicity!! As for RC, 42,000+ words over 2 days, that woman is amazing. More than likely sore but AMAZING!!!

For me I may have reached the 50ks but I still have a long way to go yet. I still have at least one more MS to finish this month, and yes I started another one. I know like I need another WIP.

Okay enough about that, this blog is about you, the ones still pounding the keys board. You wonderful ladies working at your word count everyday. To you ladies take a bow because you are still here. Still striving for that goal you have set yourself. You ladies are showing us some great numbers for first time challengers and I for one think you are just fantastic.

Something else I’d like to add this week, and that what do we count in our word count? For me and only because I had set my goal to finish two to three of my current WIP’s it is about the novel. But if you are working on getting a novel out there and are planning, plotting and doing outlines as well as writing your novel, then count the words you have put into getting your novel out there. By that I mean everything you have written in relation to your novel. I know this is not the way NaNo is run but I think this month is all about getting you writing. Planning and plotting are all of the process for some of you, so add your words. You may be surprised at just how many words you have written this month. Anyway the challenge is ‘50ks In 30 Days’, it doesn’t say it all has to be in the novel. Hehehe.

My next item is to announce this week’s PIN-UP Girls. Now it was hard this week, we had challengers reaching their goals early and I think Felicity and RC are truly amazing. So I’m giving special mention to both Felicity and RC. YAYAYA ladies, take a bow.

But think this week we saw what this challenge is really all about and that is determination so this week my PIN-UP GIRL is Amanda Reynolds-Smith. Amanda didn’t let the fact that she lost most of her word count defeat her. She got back in the seat and kept going and by the end of the week had her word count back up there. Now if you want inspiration that is inspiration. Don’t forget to drop by and say “Hi” to our Amanda. Amanda you should be very proud of yourself, you didn't let a big setback beat you, so for me to you 'AWESOME WORK'

I'm on word count meter updates this weekend, so don't forget to have your totals in by 8pm Sydney time Sunday night. I'll update the meters after I get my final dose of McDreamy & McSteamy for the year. So you will have some leeway. Don't forget we need your toal for the whole challenge.

Enjoy the rest of your week ladies, happy writing and may the word fairy bring you the words you need.


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

50ks in 17 days or less

Cyber champagne all around!

Maybe I need to make some alterations to the Winners certificate for the 3 fabulous marathon writers who have already reached the 50,000 word mark.

A gold medal for the fabulous Felicity, endurance writer, who ran through the ribbon at the end of the track on Saturday.

A silver medal for the resourceful Rhian, who made the most of being on a romantic holiday with hubby with no internet access to drink cocktails and write, write, write. Producing 20ks two days running, you have to wonder exactly what was in those cocktails.

A bronze medal for Sprinting Sandie who surpassed 50ks today and will undoubtedly write a lot more words by the end of the month.

Way to go girls - at least we don't need a road map to complete the course - we can just follow your blazing trail.

So I have reposted one version of the winners' certificates and the picture of the badge.

Sending out another plea to place badge orders now so you can show off your participation in 50ks in 30 days at the RWA conference, or wherever else you want to flash your badge. Don't forget you don't have to make it to the 50ks to wear the badge with pride.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Monday meter maid.

I'm back! It's Monday and meter maid time!

Have you seen those meters? Are they hot or what? There's even two with 100%!!!! Happy dancing for me and Felicity! (Actually, I think I'll stop that, it's not a pretty sight.)

Guess what I learned while I was away? No, it wasn't that I still love Hubby after 20 years of marriage! It was that I can write. Seriously write! Like over 20,000 words a day! With no distractions I can just pump them words out. Now I know why Elaine likes to disappear for a few days on her own, talk about being productive.

Anyway, none of my stories are finished. LOL But I sure did put a dent in some of them. I didn't however do the re-write. sigh. I'll do that this week. Promise. Well, now I've crossed the finish line I can afford to be a little less wordy.


The stupid computer just ate my post!!!!! Thank God the thing autosaves. Okay, we're cool again now.

So where was I...... right, the re-write. I'm planning to do that today. (and tomorrow if I don't finish) It shouldn't be too hard right? Right?? I understand what the editor is asking but I'm just not 100% I want to do it with this story. I'll do it and see what it looks like then make the decision.

I hope everyone is enjoying the challenge. Judging by the meters I'd say the answer to that is a yes. There are soooo many different amounts over there, some large, some not, but there all there. All those words are on the page and most of us have admitted to writing more in the last two weeks than in the last.... well, for some, quite a while. Keep up the great job and remember, any number of words is a good number.