Thursday, July 1, 2010

50ks in 30 Days FINISHED

At the beginning of June, we started a journey together. Some had a well thought out plan, while others headed into uncharted waters. Then there were others who travelled this road before, and dived in, boots and all. It doesn’t matter how you started or how you finished up, you started! You pulled up your chair, sat at your computer each day (or most days), and wrote. Some wrote more words in the month than they had ever before, fantastic.

Remember it is not about the number of words you got down on paper, or on your computer, it is about the fact that you tried.

It is so great to see this challenge grow each year, we started back in 2007 with 13 members, now we have 102 members. Not everyone takes up the challenge every year, but you know what, it is not always about the challenge, it is about the support we get from the group. If you’re down, there is a shoulder to cry on, if you get a contract, win a contest, there are cheers and congratulations.

We are a family of writers, aiming for the same thing, to get words on paper. So who reached their goal?

CAIT (Editing)


Okay, our next monthly challenge is November with NaNoWriMo, if you haven’t joined here is the website.

Thanks for a great month everyone.