Tuesday, December 1, 2009

It's A Wrap

Well NaNo is over for another year. The thing with NaNoWriMo you never know what it is going to throw at you. The secret is to accept what you can do and not stress about what you cannot do.

This year we have four ladies that reached the 50K mark.


AMBER ~ 52,907
HELEN ~ 50,246
JENN ~ 51,277
PAM ~ 51,083

To everyone who took part in the challenge to me you are all winners, to sit down and just attempt is a big challenge, to undertake such an endeavour while working and/or raising children is mind boggling to me.

At the end of the day or month, you now have more words than you did at the start of the month, which is an enormous plus for any writer. Keep up with your story, you never know it could be the next Emerald winner.

Oh, as an add incentive, there have been many a novel published that was a NaNoWriMo project. Nikki Logan is one example, and I’m pretty sure Suzanne Brandyn is another. So, finish, edit and submit those NaNo babies.

Now not that I’m going to put any pressure on any of you, but don’t forget JUNE, yes you have seven months until the next challenge ladies. Enjoy your time off.

Thank you everyone for the support you have shown one another. A big thank you to the ladies that helped with posts on the blog over the month. Diane thank you for keeping the girls going with sprints via 'Twitter'.


Happy writing