Saturday, June 26, 2010

Badge of Honour

So how are you progressing? Running along at a steady pace? Power-walking or limping towards your next revive and survive break? Or have you already hurtled through the finish line (yay, AJ!)

There are three days left to go until the end of the month and I intend to be sprinting from 8pm every night. I have absolutely no possibility of hitting the 50k marker (but I'm the girl who used to walk the cross country runs, and arrive at the finish line when everyone else had packed up and gone home). Tell me, AJ, did you run those cross countries around the school, or did you dawdle and participate in cow pat fights like me?

I've been sprinting in stops and starts -- but it always helps to have fellow sprinters in the sprint room so that we can cheer each other on. A massive big cheer to everyone who participated in the sprints this time around.

So who will be wearing the badge of honour?

Yes - we have badges! So we can recognise the other crazy 50ks souls when we bump into each other at conference.

I have 25 badges left from the first year so it will be a case of first in, first served ($2 for the badge, $1 more if you need it posted to you). Otherwise we'll arrange for you to pick up at conference.

For the 50ker's who have burst through the 50k goal by midnight 30 June, we have a Winner Certificate. Below is the sample certificate from 2008.

This will be emailed to the 'winners' shortly after the challenge finishes.

Thank you everyone for a fabulous month, and hope to see you in the sprint room over the next couple of days.

Keep on sprinting!