Thursday, June 23, 2011

Day 23 - Doing Something New

You can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.- Christopher Columbus
Your challenge for tonight is do something you know you're not good at. If you avoid dialogue because it always comes out stilted, tonight your characters are going to have a long conversation. If you have problems with action, someone's just thrown a fight. Personally, I suck at description. So there's a grand panorama out there just waiting for me to tell people what it looks like.

Let's go get away from the shore.


cassandra gaisford said...

funnily enough I was just looking at my notes from Margie Lawson's deep editing EDITS system
e - emotion
d- dialogue
I - internal
T - tension/conflict
S- setting

I always forget about setting - esp now as this is Renaissance Italy and "hey, I haven't been there." But guess what...I'm going in.

Thanks for the prompt

Enid Wilson said...

I suck at description too. And Cassandra, great idea about this EDITS.

Chemical Fusion

Sue said...

For me, the sprint room was not only leaving the shore but going out over the Mariana Trench. Racing to put words on the page without really thinking about each one, weighing its value, was frightening, but oddly liberating, challenging and yet so satisfying.

Thank you to my fellow sprinters, some of whom I have travelled with almost every day over the past few weeks. The journey has been brilliant. May you, like Columbus, find that new world shining at the end of your voyage.

Sue Rees

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